Empire Helix Paintball Mask Therma Lens – Review

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These are the generation 2 of Empire Helix. The entire goggle from left to right is 1-piece. I owned 7+ of these over the years. 8/10 in comfort. 10/10 in value. My best advice if you own the high end E-Flex or older Event, is don’t buy the replacement lens at $25 retail. Buy the entire Helix for $31 and swap out the new lens. Now you got a perfectly good loaner thermal goggles for a newbie.

QuestionableFrenel says:

Which lenses will work wit this mask. I want a mirrored lens

gary Massey says:

Is this anti fog

Luu The Legend says:

Can u make a video on how to remove the visor

anthony parra says:

what would be the best mask you would recommend for around 30$?

nutty nut says:

See, the whole thing about this mask is that it’s a $40 lens on a $10 mask. I would recommend this to anybody who has played before, once or twice maybe. Get this mask first, then later on you can upgrade to an E-Vent or even an E-Flex if you’re getting into tournaments. Best lens.

eklypse13 says:

I used my Chin strap to fashion a quick detach sling for my paintball marker. 🙂

anthony parra says:

hows the visibility and does it provide good ventilation?

AR Gaming says:

Can I take off the visor and put a tactical helmet on top?

Gemini Paintball says:

How do you take the visor off i’m going speedballing tomorrow and I need to know

Marci Gomez says:

does this mask fit comfortably over prescription glasses?

DoGrZ says:

So is this anti fog?

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