HK Army KLR Mask Review

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Papalareis says:

In my opinion, HK army is one of the best paintball manufacturers but their mask is ass.

Vanesa Garnica Villa says:

Left and right? Damn it! It’s so hard

Brandon S says:

Go Team Insanity expect NICK:)

epiccam16 says:

KLR is supposed to be really good but looks to chunky in the front and is to expensive for the stupid quality

jdm4life says:

Good review, hk army has nice looking products but quality is loww

Grant Wallace says:

I literally had to come here to make sure I just had to push those tabs through. I like the feel and shape of this mask, doesnt seem to fog at all, but you’re 100% correct on the echo. Luckily for me, I wear a belleclava so I don’t notice the volume.

Adrian M says:

How much is a v-force grill?

Josh Webster says:

Have you guys every been to Warzone in Toledo, OH?

James Perez says:

can u guys help me? i cant decide to get these, the dye i4s, or grills?

Ethan Dizon says:

just bought a klr for 20 bucks

Forrest Lin says:

Just spread it and push it inside Thats what she said 

PotatoNord says:

Jake! KILL NICK please

Justin says:

Doc luxe 2.0 review

SpotTheSteez says:

You guys review the V-force grill yet?

Tommy Butler says:

3rd comment

ibreedh8 says:

I don’t really fuck with HK stuff, especially their paints, but I do have this mask and I love it. HK army is a great company, doing great things for the sport as far as branding and what not, its more customizable style is their thing vs quality. 

SynergyPaintball81 says:

Just call up Hk army and they will take care of you if you have a problem. Hk sent me new masks and sent back the malfunctioned ones all fixed.

Sebastian Szczepek says:

Should I get dye i4 or the le skull eflex

Tauras Rugienius says:

Yea that’s how you say my name

owen griffin says:

nice klr hk

Artrix says:

Do you guys think certain hk products are over priced or is that just me

GB Games says:

Got one 2 days ago and yea they fixed the foam.. It’s much better now, I put on my friends Dye I4 And my KLR And it was the same exact foam.

Tom Diskin says:

lol and people said sly had bad quick change lenses…

stayawile14 says:

I tried them on the day that they hit badlands in Canada, really
Uncomfortable mask, so i bought some flexes!

Methodz says:

Jake fuck you

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