How To Play Paintball: Paintball Gear Review – Sly Profit Goggles

After 3 weeks of use, DangerMan gives a review of the Sly Profit goggles. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn. Great advice for beginner paintballers as-well-as seasoned players that know more about the sport but want some great details on the Sly Profit goggle system.


Coach_Jimbo says:

Proto axis pro? 🙂

DangerMan says:

The no shirt is all marketing.

xXgAmEx0v3rXx says:

I am quite a heavy breather but changed to proflex and no problems

IamPhazd says:

It would be cool if you kept doing reviews, I trust your opinion more then most sites that do their reviews. I like the fact you do the review the right way by using it for awhile. Can you please review guns and more masks? Earned yourself a suscriber.

DangerMan says:

Dude. Thanks. That was really cool to see. I intend to do more. I do believe more manufacturers will be working with me in the future. I’ve got my hands in a lot lately so look for more videos at a steady clip.

Nox Zimmi says:

id like to know if u ever had fogging issues … i need a new mask and i dont know i4 or profit … i like the profit more cuz its bigger but i heard of fogging and for me that would be a nono

Gavin Redman says:

Your starting sound is terrible please switch it

DangerMan says:

I’m puzzled by the big face argument. I’ve not seen anyone shot in the face or under the mask due to any mask design. I do believe there is no ‘one’ best mask. It comes down to personal preference based on the fact we all have different shaped heads. What are the performance plus’s for E-Flex?

Jonathan Carlos says:

to who? all the guys that watch your videos? I would expect most would enjoy a shirt.

DangerMan says:

Imagine how annoyed I was. I won’t say any more as I’m not here to make enemies but I do wonder at times when people see me talking they ratchet up the noise.

Davidbanana7 says:

Can you put glasses with the Sly Profit?

Md paintballer says:

If you love getting hit in the jaw definitely go with a dye i4 or sly profit

DangerMan says:

Absolutely. I’ve tested it and they feel VERY comfortable.

thedwarfscaster s says:

Put on a fucking shirt

RideoutPaintball says:

I still find E-Flex’s to be the best. Especially for players with big faces.

Paintball FL says:

Just ordered one can’t wait to rock it

IamPhazd says:

No problem man, much respect to you. Keep doing what you do! I hope you’re successful.

manboykid234 says:

hey dngerman i just wanted to let you know that you dont actually need a screw driver, cuz if you look at the plastic piece on the double strap (the pice you use to tighten the band) there is a tap on it and you can actually use that to turn the screw n take out the lens

DangerMan says:


DangerMan says:

Go to bed son.

Declan Hindsley says:

I sweat like crazy and cannot breath when wearing sly profits. Can you explain why the slys suffocate me when playing in game ?

xXgAmEx0v3rXx says:

Yes it is one of the most comfortable masks except proflex or eflex but the ventilation is terrible this is just my personal experience.

DangerMan says:

Well done. I see it. I’ll have to add an annotation.

ShootAirsoftVideos says:

i can hear the guys in the back louder then you review the goggle. may want to redo this video away from the kiddies. cheers great review ether way. 

DangerMan says:

Cool, hopefully others will read this if they have that problem and find Proflex a great solution.

Dangerman FAN says:

Is this a better mask or the high mask(the normal mask that comes with the gun)

DangerMan says:

I heard the ventilation argument on the Sly Profit’s and that is why I played in it over three weeks before completing my review. I actually used it closer to six weeks and over 30 hours of game time in both cold and warm, and rainy weather. I experienced no breathing or back venting issues. I also use a bandana on my i4 which closes off circulation more. Could ventilation be due to individual player breathing?

RideoutPaintball says:

My brother was just shot in the chin yesterday wearing i4’s PROPERLY. I have a picture for proof if you have the need to see it.

Ba1ardo says:

thanks for the review… I’ve heard that with all the extra padding on the profit it holds the heat and makes your head/face hot. Any truth to this?… and also, what are your thoughts on the gradient lens? I have head a couple reviews saying they think it’s just a gimmick and the gradient is annoying to look through.

Marco Cereja says:

I bought this mask can you tell me if it’s fine ? I’m starting with the paintball thing 😉

Pablo Vega says:

Man i love your videos,,, but please wear a shirt or something XD

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