JT Flex 8 Full Coverage Paintball Mask – Review

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John Sparten says:

will this be a good 1st mask?

Woody Pecker says:

note. if you are planning on putting in the vortex fan. this mask does not have the vent holes in the forehead that should align with the fan as in the JT Elite full headshield. I don’t know if. they simply forgot or what. you will need to take a dremel and cut the vent holes into the forhead area where it lines up with the vent holes in the back of the fan or the fan will not work as it’s supposed too.

zeusfury 85 says:

on the flex 8 full coverage the lens are compatible with spectra flex 8 lens? it’s the same lens? sorry for my english, i’m french.

corey hardy says:

Can u use this for airsoft or




is there a diff btwn the JT flex 8 Full Coverage and the JT Spectra Full Coverage mask?
going to order as soon as find out

General Bullet says:

I have one, its a pretty good mask. You are gonna sweat a lot on it but it haves a nice foaming so it will still be cool to play. I recommend using a headband. It doesn’t fogs while playing in dry environments even if you sweat but when playing in areas with a high humidity it will fog a lot, in those situations use a shemagh or something to separate your nose from the upper part of the mask.

Michael Dingo says:

i dont know why they bothered calling these jt flex other than the look because there is no flex or bounce ability from any of the materials on the mask . its plastic is less flexible than their cheapest marker bundle masks

Christopher Ambrose says:

I love mine

Some Grass says:

If I take off the visor, do I sacrifice any protection?

corey hardy says:


Allan McCarthy/AMac says:

does the mask fog up

Icarus says:

Does it fog?

proffesortomato 01 says:

i already have this but i was wondering if you can take off the the full head part and make it lighter? THX!!

Its always fun Time says:

If you have a huge head and wear glasses, this mask is not for you. Look else else where

Nsoccera says:

Does this mask fog? 🙂

Rab Deveney says:

does it fog.

Matthew Prather says:

Is it good with glasses?



daan krijnen says:

Can you see through a sight if you are wearing this mask?

D3monkng says:

does it work as a motorcycle helmet because it looks like one

acuafire13 says:

can you separate or disarm this mask?

Anko1994 says:

Could you put a fan in this mask?

William Fish says:

How much is it

William Fish says:

Thank you


how much does it cost?

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