***NOW IN HD***
Thank you for being so patient but I had to uploaded a 1080P/60FPS video of this sweet goggle system. 480P did not to it justice at all. All the information is the same with a little more polish. Please like, share and subscribe! Love you all!


chillstep4life says:

That is a really sexy looking mask.

Gavin Medina says:

stop….make other videos

David Lowe says:

So… when is it being released? It’s the C2 all over again.

jefferson brolo says:

muito top me da uma de presente

joseph melchor says:

So many innovations and features

Urstin says:

I tried on this mask at cup… Garbage. Felt extremely cheap, and it was tiny. Field of view was awful. No thanks Ill stick with my EVS.

YummyNoodle says:

“When you pay top dollar for a goggle, you deserve the best” That’s what I like to hear. Can’t wait for the final product and try them.

warpedspeed05 says:

the foam is terrible on these mask I tried it on at cup as well
there gear bags are great but expensive

Bulwark1911 says:

2016 and still no visor?
These Paintball companies will never learn.

Popojijo's paintball says:

Looks so dope !! buddy does a great job at selling it !!

Kris Wong says:

Kevo…stop touching your nose…hahahhaah

Jim Thomas says:

This mask felt horrible… tried it on at cup. The foam was not comfortable to any degree.

Adam Nelson says:

i don’t know about this mask… never seen them before, if its the price of the i5’s, ill prob buy the i5’s instead, or the Vio’s, I have a profiler right now, i have a small face… also i noticed that the amount of vents was very small on this Push Unite, i like the case and everything but i would like to see a more “honest” review, anyone have mask recommendations for me? The only complaint i have about my profiler is the foam becomes saturated after an hour of play… any way to fix that? See, to me they fixed the small problems he didn’t say much about warranty, breath-ability, mask size, no-one ever put it on, he never said anything about hearing or voice projection… somebody give me some more specific specs on this mask please, i’m not totally disowning it, just i want to know more about it!

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