Paintball Mask Show: Best Mask for Paintball?

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People always ask what the best paintball mask is. What is the best paintball mask on the market? Jake goes through all the masks to tell you which one is better for you! Dye I4’s vs Empire events Vs empire E-flex vs HK army KLR vs Proflexs Vs virtue vios vs V-Force Grillz Vs Sly profits


BeltedFool says:

what is dipp? or dipping?

Matt Spalla says:

What is song called in the intro?

Os528 Os528 says:


BeltedFool says:

btw what is the lens on that i4

Jeremy Stewart says:

best mask for when u where glasses under

Robertpeace233 says:

Jt eflex!!!! There the best mask for anti fog

Mason Smith says:

etha or g5 help me

Ronald Geracci says:

Awesome video Jake! Side added note. As a person who just started paintball about a month ago. I have glasses with a pretty wide frame, so I needed a mask that would allow room for them and not push them all the way back while being comfortable and effective. I highly recommend the Empire Helix for these if you really are on a tight budget and need a mask. They are $30 and I never get any fog in them and we played for 12 hours one day and 7 hours two weeks later. Plus, I live in Florida, so if anyone knows humidity its Floridians. I do recommend wearing a hat or something to catch the sweat though as with enough time the foam inside the mask will only catch so much. Then you’ll have some sweat inside the goggle area and on your glasses which will lead to fog among sweat spots on glasses (this is no fun). Keep in mind, I didn’t do research on masks and impulse bought these my first day of paintball at the field we were playing at. I would like to try the Dye I4 and E-flex’s though. This is just my side note, take it or leave it.

chris power says:

Got a profiler and Fanz df20 on it. Fog problem solved.

SnakemadnessGames says:

thx jake u have saved me a lot of time on buying a mask

RasberryGummyBear says:

Boy you got like $1,000 sitting infront of you in masks but you can’t afford a pop filter?

Gabriel Kelly says:

I work as a referee and every single one of our refs have vforces except like 2

Domo :P says:

I have I4’s can’t breathe for shit

USMC Asf says:

Are you by any chance selling the grill or dyei4, it’s a bit hard to afford masks brand new and kind of hard to find used ones, thanks

70callen70 says:

I’ve seen some fat ass guys wearing I4’s and their quadruple chin in like wayyyyy outside of the mask protection

ModalParsley007 says:

I have a v-force grill

Thepotato says:

Why did u make vid on holloween but oploaded on November 23, almost a month later

Isonnec says:

and which one has a bigger view the e-flex or vforce

Darkshadow 111303 says:

if you go to amazon and go to “JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles” is this a good mask?

Papalareis says:

Where did you get the custom lens for the E-Flex?

SpooksASA says:

does getting hit in the jaw happen often?

i thank i will still get the dye mask tho!

jose oriol says:

turn down the intro volume!!!

Gabriel Kelly says:

vforces are awesome

Matthew Duffy says:

I got vios good choice??

Oliver Massey says:

Thanks team insanity!!! I had my setup planned and knew but I was kind of ignorant about masks!

Oliver Massey says:

Thanks team insanity!!! I had my setup planned and knew but I was kind of ignorant about masks!


im getting a dye i4 but i dont no what hopper to get

Will Reedy says:

The profits have tabs on the bottom of the sliders on the strap to turn the tab on the lens lock, just sayin

Nathan Scott says:

everyone on our team has a dye i4… except for one person. so everyone has a pair of dye i4’s, LITERALLY.

adverb: literally
in a literal manner or sense; exactly.
synonyms: exactly, precisely, actually, really, truly; without question, unquestionably, indisputably



Isaac W says:

V Force Profilers all day. HUGE FOV. Many lenses and cheap(er than most). I4s are nice BUT for people with larger heads, like myself, too much of your chin and jaw are exposed.

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