Push Unite Goggle Review: Best Mask Ever?

Push Unite Mask ➡ http://amzn.to/2tYQEwG

Named after the legendary, documentary Push, for many of us that came into paintball in the early 2000s Push changed our lives. It was what inspired me to play more paintball, and drastically altered the direction of my life. For the better I hope, I’m still trying to figure that out. If you haven’t seen, ill put a link below.

When I first touched the Unite about a year ago (yes a year ago, this review has taken that long), I didn’t not expect much, but I was wrong. The Unite is built from quality materials, it’s not that they are mid bending, I guess they are as good or what you would expect from a mask in its price range.

I do have to say though that if I was told that I had to buy a paintball mask that was over $110, I would probably pick the Dye I5. I think the I5 is more comfortable, I really like the GSR strap, breaths just as good and I like the way the I5 looks. I can’t stand the way the Unite looks, I think it is just awful. It looks like it is out of some bad sci-fi movie. I don’t know, I just hate it. I know some of you love it though so to each his own, no screw that the thing is hideous.


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PhxInvidious says:

I was sold by lens at the nxl booth. they feel great..Glasses wearers this is a great mask for you. the Ears are great and the chinstrap feels nice. Its pricey….but with the adjustable nose..and the quality of vision through the lens I feel its worth it. the foam is maybe the cheapest part of this mask .

Parker Meredith says:

Mask should not be $200 it sucks

Juni S. says:

Great review! Keep them coming!

xxmobekxx says:

plz less “like” and “kinda”

CrossCutCorp says:

200 bucks is pushing it for a mask though. It’s 200 that could’ve gone into a better marker.

Eric Lemire says:

Just picked up an I5 myself, but the push was my second choice as the comfort and chin – strap were its top selling points. Great review, it does look hideous!!!!!

Elder Pahtrix says:


Spencer Rojas says:

Can you send me a jersey you have in the back?

AngryOldBastard says:

I don’t believe you ever played with the mask

Angelo Grimaldo says:

This video gives me a weird vibe, I enjoy your previous ones more

Alex Gonzalez says:

Don’t buy it it fogs up kinda quick and isn’t breathable as much i rather get and E flex or V force

Harbalke says:

#pbqt How come pro teams only seem to use standard pods? There are all these different pods but at events you only ever see the standard pods.

DRG says:

Just outta curiosity what’s your day job? Question directed at you pbrml

Isaac Patterson says:

Should I get an empire mini GS or the empire pump for a mid to long range map?

Collin Herold says:

Don’t rip on the KLR. Mine has never wver gotten foggy or hazy. It’s great!

Jordan Kanner says:

Love the videos man keep it up! Thanks for posting.

Corey Lane says:

Love the shirt

Jason Bourne says:

jt proflex all pros know this but wont tell you

jony lopez says:

You should do comparison of all the $100 hoppers

Derek Noto says:

200 dollars is completely ridiculous..so many awesome masks from 100-130 dollar range…this offers nothing differs t other than the stupid mask purse…stop trying to market shit at a much higher price point than its worth…its killing the sport…

scratchaholics says:

Looks like something from space

JerBearTeo says:

I remember that documentary. Dang…brings me back. I feel old now.

Chris Scheben says:


Mason says:

Sorry Brad, 2 minute something ad, could have just let it play I guess.

Ashraven PB says:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a good picture of the Unite, but in person it isn’t that ugly (still really weird looking though)

T16 Films says:

I’d be intrigued to see you review one of their other products!

noah haley says:

Sgit im poor my pb marker is a triton mrk 2 and my mask is a jt rental agh

K1NG says:

Should I sell my i5s and buy a pair of these?

Roberto del Bosque says:

I just got mine!!

Ashraven PB says:

Could you do a video where you show the front and side profile of a bunch of masks while wearing them? There was a thread on one of the PB forums that did it, but it doesn’t have a lot of the newer masks

I like it WithCheeze says:

Have u been to stingers in brockville because I saw a sticker of paintball ruined my life

John Macias II says:

Well since you don’t like it, can I have it?

Chad Sable says:

Dude, this mask straight up looks like “The Guyver”. Cheese ball movie from 1991

Andrew Ydna DuBuc says:

I never understand the opinions on masks that look bad versus good. It seems to me that every paintball mask looks like a weird bug helmet out of mortal kombat…they ALL look dumb! it’s more like an accepted part of wearing a mask lol

Corey Singletary says:

The chinstrap is solid. I use them on all my Virtue masks. It can only come unlatched if you slide the two buckle pieces in opposite directions. Is it possible for it to come undone unintentionally? Sure, but HIGHLY improbable. I think that the ease of use greatly increases the likelihood people will actually use the strap, which outweighs the remote possibility of it coming unlatched.

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