Push Unite Mask Review and Comparison. Best Mask for the Money? My Final Thoughts



Ben Sroka says:

Lol “high noon”

Pb&J-Vlogs says:

Yo what side for Living Legends 11? Ja boi is about to register soon

Steve Nish says:

Anyone notice how he always says they’ll do giveaways, but they never actually do.

Josh Kanner says:

On the vio ascend vid you clearly said that when you breathe in it it burns ur eyes because all the air goes to your eyes and dries them out.

E mil says:

Love the review I stayed and watched the whole thing love it

Dylan22 Phone says:

Why are you guys complaining about how long the video is ? Jake’s voice is so mesmerizing that it was 25:24 before i even took a breath.

Team Stampede says:

That was a great review love it thanks for the help

amycus22 says:

I wonder what jake’s favorite color is?

lil Pump says:

You borrowed my belt at the winter classic

Ohio Paintball says:

I have the Sly profit and it has never foged and has worked great for me. I have a red tint on mine and it is a bit different but not much unless your playing speed ball with red bunkers.

Austin Olivan says:

Do you like blue

Jack Price says:

First comment

Finger Circle says:

Jake. I love you to death man, but I don’t know if I have time for a 25 minute review on a paintball mask.

Aaron Harper says:

“with that being said”

AngryOldBastard says:

Jake DYE doesn’t even make their own lens, so negative. And thanks for honest review.

Jamie Goins says:


Team Echo says:

Fuck yea where’s the shotgun for the boiz

Bullman 12 says:

Make reviews shorter

John Evan P1 says:


bmanbrandon says:

Hey man nice video titty licker

Foxs den Paintball says:

Lol did you break the light switch Jake

tropicthunderbolt says:

For more then i5’s. Shit. There should be a camera mount. Then. They’d be complete.

Jared Rang says:

Lol I live in SoCal, I wish it snowed here.

Garret Corbin says:

What a great review definitely watched it all @snapchat

Bullman 12 says:

Do a ask us anything

Cropcirlce says:

I’m so glad you did the side by side comparison. Thanks bro!

Paintball mag says:

Push unite review:: doesn’t pull out mask until 14:30. Love your vids bro and love returning back to the barracks from night school to see your videos in my inbox

Jared Rang says:

Btw keep the reviews long. Ur the best jake!

Buck Raeder says:

Should re-title this to “Push Paintball fanboy beg’s to sponsor my D500 shitter team”

Brody Lindsey says:

Jake let’s see the gtek 160r gameplay footage plz

ConnorEdwards t/ e says:

Wow this was amazing keep up the good work @sc

Eric Harris says:

That totally caught me off guard 16:22

Asjad naqvi says:

Ups delivery guy is the one person disliking the video

Benjamin McCormick says:


José Julián Valdivieso Camacho says:

Yo, the yellow lenses on the vios are really nice, they compare pretty good with the i4/5 lenses

-Team-vintage Travis says:

Whoever built jakes house is actually mental !

sizgy tube says:

Guys i need help. Should i get the shocker rsx ,dsr or the gtek160r

Connor Shorten says:

Don’t know if I should get a i5 or this

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