Push Unite NEW Paintball Mask Unboxing!

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Andrew Games says:

do a comparison with a shocker and a 160r

Cole Grizzaffe says:

ok I’m thinking about the etha 2 or the axe I’m a new player played 5 times know a lot about paintball and my budget for a full setup is 800 dollars I’ve saved up. My field is a mix between speedball and kind of milsim which one do you think. Sorry about my grammar I’m tired

Chase Loughlin says:

“It’s a big little block.”

Patrick Swislocki says:

This reminds me of an upgraded shrunk down grill.

Your Paintball says:

Do a give away

The PBFit says:

Bro that mask looks sick! That chinstrap tho 😉

Norm Fernandez says:

Nice to see you back with an unboxing…. Good job…

Heinrich Broodryk says:

Wait whaaaaat, Asia has paintball?

Aidan Dahlberg says:

third ;[

NoahDBoss says:

Nice nips

pbGetWrekt says:

I picked up one of these as well. These are pure quality and love this mask!

AKECSGO Master says:

I’m getting a luxe 1.5 what should I expect?

Anthony Burns says:

Etha 2 review!?!?!?!?!

Your Paintball says:

And go to Houston

frankthespank says:

This is not my “boy”….

lilnoogied .n says:

that thing is pretty cool

dFuz3d x says:

I see that same mirroring issue with the i5’s. Not as bad as some people said it was, but it more or less creates an orange reflection because of that red foam liner. Thinking about getting a fan or visor to fix it.

Holden Gibson says:

First lol

Markee Mcfly says:

Look forward to your full review been waiting on this mask to come to states

Ben Sroka says:

Should I get the LV1.5

Keiran W says:

How does the size compare to the Dye i5s? The Dye i4s I own are a tad small on the jawline and I want something closer to i5s without actually getting i5s if that makes any sense.

Benjamin McCormick says:


Frankie Ford says:


Jonathan Amaya says:

Is it just me or does the mask have a Vforce grill lenses look

Ben Sroka says:

best marker under 600

AngryOldBastard says:

Hey guys it’s Mark Knop with Push, the lens comes with a custom neoprene case not a hard case like the mask, but that’s because the neoprene provides a nice tight protective case for the lens. The reason, there’s little to no echo is that the ears are cupped. Also the reason that the mask isn’t hot because of the overall design, but when you adjust the nose bridge so it fits your individual face it becomes amazingly comfortable. Thanks for the unbiased review.

SapperG says:

Ummmm whats the name of the company and whats their website????

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