Push Unite Paintball Mask – Review

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Angel Rodriguez says:

This mask resist a airsoft BB at 400 FPS or more ?
Many idiots increase the power of their markers want more range.
It’s not safe but un many people make this.
At 400FPS the teeth blow away very easy.

proffesortomato 01 says:

Rory is a strait SAVAGE!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

SnapShooterTV says:

I hope that since y’all finally got Push masks that y’all finally shipped my gearbag I ordered in April…

Wrestling Addiction says:


AnthonyVrab says:

Is it me or did the i4s and the grills have a baby?

Bulwark1911 says:

*The adjustable nose bridge is a nice touch.*
*But no visor at launch is a huge miss, it’s 2017 for fucks sake.*

Thomas Shea says:

Do a review on the new DP bolt please. I’m wondering if I should get it or not.

pbGetWrekt says:

@ANSGearPaintball – Is Push going to come out with a lens that goes with the lime colored mask? I want to order the lime colored, but the purple lens ruins it :<

Andrew Martin says:

Mask looks great. Potentially magfed friendly with trying to use in a sight. How does it compare to the Vios in terms of fit?

paintslinger 104 says:

sweet looking mask.

Keiran W says:

Does the lens on this have UV protection?

ImJetixz says:

companies need to stop thinking were all made of money

Jose Liera says:

bad ass.

GoingMean78Ftw says:

dayuuuuum. Who else think those goggles look sexay

Metal Armory Paintball says:

Mask looks good. 8th like.

Zodiac Paintball says:

Hey guys I’m a new YouTube channel looking to do gameplay and reviews of the events i go to, products i use, etc. If you could help me out by giving a sub I would greatly appreciate it!

Louis Wykes says:

Other than the price this has raised the bar

ABryson916 says:

It’s like the Grillz and KLR had a baby. Just wish companies would realize that the majority of paintball players aren’t made of money.

michael nguyen says:

hi dad

rory is me da

Aaron F says:

what happens when you take a paintball between the eyes and it gums up that adjustment screw? s.o.l? great mask tho. I might get one

Corgi says:

first comment and 4 like

Stephen says:

I remember in the early 2000s when spending $60 on a mask was a lot lol.

boudal21 says:


-Dude Rekkit106- FireAnts_phillipines says:

Im early

Eric's FITNESS Tips says:

LOL my $180 Dye i5’s came with a cheap cloth and i scratched the lens the first day. But This company is doing it right giving up some profit to provide a hard case!

Keiran W says:

How does the size compare to the Dye i4 mask? I find the i4s to be a little small and these look to be in the same boat. I’m just checking to make sure.

Firlox says:

the purple one looks so cool

Derrick Gipson says:

I agree it is a great chin strap and a nice mask but its NO I5.

zorlackfv says:

is it lighter than KLR’s?

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