Sly Profit Paintball Mask Review: Team Insanity Reviews

This is a review of the Sly Profits paintball mask. great mask to own and most look very cool. UPLOADING SCHEDULE: MONDAY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY, we will have a new video starting around april. sub to team insanity for all our updates, reviews, and more!


RedSkinPB says:

Mine fucking fogged in the rain! :p still love them but never using it during shitty weather

Mason Martin says:

Limited edition nightmare gold grills with ninja dark dual pane lenses FTW

Team Insanity Paintball says:

for me to get it open, i have to use a knife, a small stick, or something of that type to unlock that piece holding the lenses in. i have to get something into that slot to turn it shut and to open it. my thumb wont work. I4’s, all V-force masks, empire mask ect have a much eaiser and faster system then the slys from what i have noticed. i have used all the high to mid end masks on the market. seen much faster ways then what sly gives. thats what i was trying to go for.

Tom Diskin says:

the reason it’ll be harder for you to take out the lens is because the strap is on upside down, so the piece is under alot of pressure… it’s still not the best for changing it out quickly tho… also there are tabs on the strap adjusters that you can use to unlock the lenses.

Harbalke says:

It takes less than 30 seconds to change out the lense. You don’t even need a knife a coin works fine or you can just push hard with your thumb, yet you make it seem much more difficult.

Diceman215 says:

Love my profilers but the sly’s with the mirrored lenses look sick as hell.

Visionary Media says:

rip off the top layer of padding on the ears  and it will be more snug on your face and you can hear better

Team Insanity Paintball says:

empire events are great in the rain. we have a vid coming up, dye i4’s vs events vs slys. look for that coming soon. mby later in the season ill do a whole mask show with the eflexes, events, all the v-force masks, dye i4’s and all that good stuff. which ones are the best budget baller masks, and all that good stuff. we have a lot of reviews to do this year

22tripleAAA says:

Look at the old team insanity haha. Jake you looked so weird

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