Sly Profit Review

I’ve had little over 30 hours behind this mask before making the review.


gotdsm says:


gotdsm says:

Thank you, much appreciated 🙂

gotdsm says:

Thanks, bro! much appreciated.

gotdsm says:

I do like it, but it’s not my favorite mask. That video will be done tomorrow 🙂

JC Outdoors says:

I was looking into buying this mask, have you ever had any fogging problems with it?

Trippit - Paintball says:

I loved the video!

Robin Van Eyk says:

really really good review I had some doubts but now I am Gone buy 1 , thank you and greetings from the Netherlands 🙂

Sherlock Syndicate says:

b…but… i bite my nails :'(

Ryan Oreilly says:

The i3 and i4 r better

Sam L-L says:

does it fit with a helmet?

Tommy Deliso says:

Sly Profit is best mask

gotdsm says:

Thank you, bro! Much appreciated

spartan outdoors says:

it is microfiber not felt

Shivin The Dream says:

Great review man I agree its a great mask only real problem is fogging especially with rain or very humid conditions I bought a fan for it and now I can’t really say anything negative about it.

gotdsm says:

That’s pretty crazy! Well done though, bro!

Ryan Oreilly says:

Can u compare the stock parts on the mini to the upgraded one

MV Paintballerz says:

I have owned this mask (sly profit) for almost 2 years and I really like them. It has lasted me a long time, probably the most comfortable mask I have ever worn (the inside has velvet over the padding). I am going to keep mine until they can no longer be worn, then I’ll buy another pair 🙂

Chuck Weston says:

I feel the same way James, my review yesterday was identical to this. I don’t know if we are Siamese twins or what lol?

Joshua Wei says:

None of these idiots ever wear the mask so we can actually see how it looks when worn. Have you guys realized that? lol….
Looks through 3 videos already.

Warren Jenkin says:

Good Review man !!

gotdsm says:

Preference. I prefer dye masks, but these are still very safe, and provide a good amount of protection.

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