Top 5 Paintball Masks – 4K

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JT Flex 8 Full Coverage:

Empire Helix Thermal Mask:

Virtue Ascend:

VForce Grillz:

Dye i5:

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Canon 24mm F1.4:

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Audio-Techinca Lav Mic:

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Rotolight NEO LED Light:


Kaleb Davidson says:

Evs and klr

michael harty says:


TerrorTheile says:

Orignial Proflex! Just for the sake of being made for centuries and still is the King of Masks. In my opinion.

Mail Man says:

VForce Profiler has been a great mask for me over the years.

Sparkyhellion says:

Should i get virtue ascend the vforce grills or should i save up alot more for the dye i5?

M.S.M. says:

JT Proflexes

Eric Williamson says:

why didn’t you put the empire e flex on there its top 3 bruh

MisterAxeMan says:

Still love my Dye I4s for my small face. Dye I5s are too big

Tureta PB says:

Just got myself an I5. Its freaking awesome!

Voxle says:

Where is the Save Phace?

Abdias Alcantara says:


Bob Hargreaves says:

Hey man my sons 12 should I get him a vforce grill or profiler need a pros opinion , thanks

Zivox says:

where is the empire e flex

Pelle P says:


Ryan Spiller says:

Why wasn’t the Dye i4 on this list

Curro Official says:


Casey D says:

What, no E-flex??… really glad to see the hrlix on your list it’s such a great mask for the price. it has quick change lens and strap and uses the same lens as the E-flex so there are lots of lens options.

joan gonzalez solorzano says:

What´s your opinion on the sly profit mask?

James Harris says:

use KLR all day with no problem

Yogi Bear says:

Can you review the Empire Evs and how it compares to the googles on this list. I know this list is alittle old but I play airsoft and I might want to move to a full face mask. I require a really good one as I really need to protect my eyes. I was thinking between the Empire Evs or the Dye i5 thanks.

joseph sanchez says:

does the virtues ascend come with a Chinstrap

CollinH728 says:

Profilers instead of helix

Tommy Tuomaala says:

QnA: A noob is likely not going to be any better with a 1500 marker than with a 150 one. “It’s not how big it is, it is how you use it”. That is why I want to know why a masks field of vision is an value factor? If you run to the corner from the start you will either use muscle memory to go where intended and watch the game developement at the same time as you slide in place or you stare on the corner spot you are running to. In the later case you don’t need field of vision at any level since you are not paying attention to the game play anyway.

cristian huerta says:

Empire EVS and the VForce Profiler are perfect for me since i wear glasses.

Purple says:

Next dye i5 will be called intel i7 7700k

Marco Wellington Menezes says:

Why you didn’t put EVS on list?

Christian Pacheco says:

JT Pro flex

S_Kill_Bomb says:

The Valken Annex 😉

Vendetta Paintball says:

Is the Helix the same as the Vents Avatar?

I have Crippling depression92704 says:

What about save place mask

Faye Rawling says:

can a paint ball in the throat kill you?

Magfed Esco says:

Great review but no one has done one geared towards players with glasses.

Ethan Paisley says:

I don’t really like the look of the vforce grills

Victor Gonzalez says:

any mask for people who use prescription glases

Dante Walden says:

Right now I am loving the Dye i5 due to comfort and field of view. NOT SAYING OTHERS ARE WORSE just for right now I am enjoy the mask I have

Max Sanchez says:

the empire event is also I really great high end mask a little pricy but totally worth it

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