Valken Identity Paintball Mask – Review

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XGN lilscat battlefield Orlando says:

got to wear one a couple of weeks ago. it was poop

Yung Till says:

Not pretty imo

Giovanni Ayala says:

Breading hole looks just like the event

Kylan X-7 says:

it’s just the colours that make it look bad

MambaKiddo says:

The red one looks like a cheap Dr. Zoidberg halloween mask

TomasNDiskin says:

looks like they’re leaching off the sly profits… it looks ridiculous and it doesn’t have any of the good features of the slys, but kept most of the bad ones…

MinecraftKings 83 says:


Foxtrot says:

Are these coming in stock?!

Quasiscrizzoto says:

Anyone here that plays magfed pb that has this mask does it work well with iron sights or micro,  red dot sights, scopes in general are you able to use them and see through them with minimal obstruction? Or does the more harder bottom obstruct the process? Trying to decide between these and the sly profits.

moricito23 says:


jj hedge says:

That looks like a mask that a first timer would wear, give me a sly any day over that

Max Example says:

looks weird

Austin Hauck says:

can someones say ugly?

RUN and YUN says:

y not zoidberg?

Sgt Oif ArmyCombatveteran says:

All the hater comments to funny, go jump on the bandwagon of the i4, which really isn’t all that @ the end of the day. Tried 10 masks on today and the JT proflex still killing most and this one was fine for me and comfy, the good ol grillz’s hype wasn’t all that either since they came out. In the end of the day get a mask that fits and works for you. The mask dont make you a better player and since 2003 when I started never had problems with fogging. Paintball gear nowadays is such a fad and hyped out and there make in a killing on the hypes over it.

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