VForce Grill Review: Not Just A Mean Look

For years VForce have been making some of the best masks in paintball; and the Grill is one of their best. How does it stack up to the rest?


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V-Force Grill – http://amzn.to/2nEueNk
V-Force Profiler – http://amzn.to/2n84E1y
Empire EVS – http://amzn.to/2nYxGOY
Virtue VIO Ascend – http://amzn.to/2n2rciQ

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Planet Eclipse FR Barrel Back – http://amzn.to/2kN7AwF
Empire E-Flex – http://amzn.to/2kN2K2K
GI Sportz Race 2.0 – http://amzn.to/2kkxvQ1

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Manfrotto 290 Xtra Fluid Tripod – http://amzn.to/2iQnKWk
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OP theFLASH says:

Grillz have been the only masks I’ve owned since 2007. I don’t understand the bad comments about the foam, never had an issue with the foam, and real easy to clean … don’t think I’ll use any other mask……?

Cameron Bodiford says:

I have grills and KLRs, and I like the KLRs better bc they don move around as much, and they feel a lot tighter and better fitting to my face. Plus the lens is pretty big. Can you review the KLRs next? I want to hear your opinion

Robert White says:

grillz have been out since 07 fooo

Digidal Beast says:

Grill vs dye i4

B. R. says:

I have Grill mask, absolutey love these goggles.

Jd12345 says:

Grill or Eflex?

FaZe Mouse says:

How’s the foam on it? It seems like crappy foam

7XFallenXT says:

I ended up purchasing a grill; because of this video, in many ways. The echo isn’t that noticeable to me either. Only if I whistle or something.

serfin says:

I’ve been playing with the same Grills mask for 6yrs and they are tough. They have been out for a long time and still are one of the top masks available. It has really good face coverage and breathability. Yes lens are smaller but vision on mask is really good. Best mask I’ve owned.

1pbwu1f1 says:

I believe the grill been out since 07-08. Great mask

parptarf says:

5 or 6 years? They came out in like late-2006.

SSniper14 PB says:

A hat is a must with the grillz. I got a PE flex fit hat and my mask is very steady, even with a camera on one side

abel N says:

its all fun and games until you buy a pair of zebra grillz lmfao… i love my zebras

Just Kiddin says:

The video was helpful thank you for your response

Karniboy says:

It’s amazing how long this mask has been around…I have one and still can’t believe it’s around

James Heilman says:

i hate how my events sit so far away from my face. do these fit a little more snug like the i4s? or is the lense a mile away from your eyes

Lord Fallen says:

Great review bud keep up the good work! Keep ending up on your channel and leaving satisfied you earned yourself a new sub!

ScrumGamingCrazy says:

the foam looks like it goes all the way around. are there glasses cut outs that I didn’t notice? need those cut outs

Tyler Panlilio says:

shout out 3 ninjas

Sparkyhellion says:

i have a question should i get a v force grills or a vio acend? i have small ears and i just want a mask that wont FOGGGGGGG

Lamby says:

cant wait to buy this

chris kerwin says:

The masks are meant to be worn lower on the face than you seem to like to wear yours… just something to think about.

Lamby says:

unrelated, could you do a review of the JT Splatmasters, and the Brass eagle raptor along with other bottom of the barrel guns to see if it is worth the $40 or not?

Blue PB says:

how to do you on a visor cause I just got one and I want to put it on but I am having trouble can anyone help me?

TheHuskyK9 says:

I spy a black and neon green Grill in the background :V

Just Kiddin says:

Does this maks fit nice with medium sized glasses

Mason Smith says:

Hey should I get some paintball pants or a pump kit for my 03superstock cocker

The god Of all chicken says:

I bet that sweatshirt and hat cost all lot cause it’s supreme

USCG Finn96 says:

I had a grill waaaaay back in the day…think they’ve been out for a bit longer than 5-6 years

Stu McLennan says:

VFORCE grills or Virtue extends
Have a hard time picking I haven’t tried them on yet but looking at some feedback.

tommas m says:

they should do like what empire did to make the eflex by taking the lens from the events and the bottoms from the pro flex and make a mask with grill bottoms and profiler lens

J B says:

the grill is out for more than 10 years 😉

obando guerrero says:

Help me out I am deciding what mask to buy the v force grill joker. O the evs empire carbon. Which one is better. Thank you

Tarzenn says:

I fuckin love my grill

Gary Smiley says:

Unrelated to the Grill: What do you think of the HK KLR mask?

Raffixzz {LatvianWolves} says:

im newb , so please tell me : What is the visor for ?
AND: Is justpaintball.co.uk a scam site ?
Thank you! 🙂

NoahDBoss says:

great mask

David Lowe says:

I wear glasses and I’m concerned that the lens might be too close to my face. Someone try it on with sunglasses and tell me if it’s not a problem.

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