Virtue Vio Ascend Mask Review. Better then Grillz?

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Anthony Rios says:

Jake is the new Wolverine

Zoltan's Devotional says:

Haven’t watch team insanity in a while and totally confused with his beard

nutty nut says:

He’s gay, he’s a bitch, and he’s got an appetite for dogshit…

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for…

*Jake, the Amish Jew!*

AllAlongTheWatchtower says:

Hey, what would be a good mask for about $80 bucks? Am considering a dye i4 but not much else yet

daniel martinez says:

Give us a review on the new Dye axis Pro mask

Norm Fernandez says:

Great review Jake, thanks for all you do for our sport!

iSoTV says:

You can use the Brainexploder mount on the vents. I’m using it with a gopro session and it works pretty well for me on a normal VIO.

RoyalRedPB says:

Would you mind going my channel a watch, it would mean a lot….. Ive ben here since debates on paintball !! And Jake didn’t have a beard !!

nutty nut says:

wut it d00
iz ya boi
jek fum sate fom

Ashraven PB says:

Jake, use Sugru for mounting cameras to things like the vio ascend

pinkpeople1 0 says:

u look sooooooo old my guy ( sorry)

OperationZ says:

Should I buy a gravity fed hopper for my azodin kp3?

nick randomness says:

The beard though

paintball wizard says:

Don’t forget about your chin strap Jake

Potato Paint ball says:

jake shave your beard it looks wierd

NightHunt says:

What gun do you use

Olly1gbr says:


Olly1gbr says:


Armando Olmos G says:


You look like Rory from ANS Gear

The Hound says:

I have vio ascends and they’re pretty dope. The lens scratches kinda easy tho

Cole Grizzaffe says:

I’m liking the beard Jake!! What made you want to grow it?

luis amador says:

Why does jake look and sound like a fucking douche bag…..but I do like his reviews hahaha

Chris Coca says:

Hey Jake, are you gonna be at AFPL #3 in Phoenix on the 29th?

Alaric Chen says:

Does anyone now of any masks for people with shorter/flatter nose that i should look into?

Josh Seguro says:

Good video keep it up people like you need to keep posting paintball content.

Olly1gbr says:


Benjamin Walsh says:

I own a pair and only wore them once for the exact reasons you are mentioning. I went and picked up a pair of E-Flex’s and have not gone back and used the VIO at all since using the E-Flex!

PandaIsOffcial Hacked!! says:

what should I get the proto rize maxxed or the dangerous power g5

BlackRiderPB says:

Wtf Jake


There’s no Z at the end of grillz. It’s just the grill.

Tony Angeleri says:

1) Jake loves poop 2) Bring BETTY CROCKER back!!

NoahDBoss says:

nice teets

DrMrLogan 87 says:


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