Virtue Vio Ascend Review: The Best Paintball Mask?

I’m a sucker for a good deal. I love the mid-range paintball guns like the Empire Axe and the Planet Eclipse Gtek, so naturally I was thrilled when Virtue announced the Vio Ascend. There’s just something about getting a good deal that I find appealing. Maybe it is that I don’t take care of things well, and if it is a bit cheaper I don’t feel as bad about it. Or maybe I’m just cheap….

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dillaboo16 says:

are the lenses out of all three mask the same?

Groove Paintball says:

Have yet to try out the Ascend, but I’m a big fan of the Extends. A set can usually be found on Amazon for $100 – $110. For those with bigger heads they provide tons of coverage and the bottoms are much more flexible than the Contour. Not a huge fan of the Contour, love my Extends. Wouldn’t pay $160 though when these are available! Thanks for the review!

Vincent Pistilli says:

Do a best high end mask video.

kazkid8 says:

I’ve mostly been wearing profilers for the past 10 years. Big head here. Their price point, new, is around the same as these. How do you think they compare?

btw: I really dig your review style. it’s honest and you actually talk like a normal person. keep up the great work with this and your website.

Chris Scheben says:

I like your reviews! Very conversational and kind of casual. Also, your hats are good. Gr8 job

Off The Break says:

You make some great videos man, really down to earth type reviews with no fluff. The mask looks great for the price point, I didn’t know it would be so cheap compared to others on the market. Keep doing what you’re doing!

igavejesusabj says:

how’s ear coverage?

tero says:

virtue vio ascend or empire E- flex ?

Jab ninja says:

hey im thinking about buying a Vio Ascend, however I have glasses would it still be a good choice?

Just Kiddin says:

I need a mask to fit nice with my glasses

MattIanDuo says:

What if I’m wearing that over my glasses

Jan says:

I picked these up in all black, every point he mentioned in the video was bang on. Awesome review, best mask, hands down. Comfort and breathability is unreal on these, holding onto these for the 2017 season 100 percent!

free style says:

anyone find it to be a bit loose/bulky on the face compared to other masks (after real usage)? only have this one mask to compare with so can’t really tell. thanks

SSniper14 PB says:

I want something about the size of the grillz. ,maybe a bit smaller, but not i4 small. which virtue mask should I get?

zorlackfv says:

Can you give the weight comparision between ascend, klr and push? please? need a paintball mask for my 8 years old child, and my normal VIOs are heavy for him. thanks forehand dude.

holywar911 says:


madcuzbad says:

mid range masks= profilers

SynergyPaintball81 says:

All virtue has to do is make a loader at a similar price point and they will own the sport from a sales standpoint.


anyone know if you can replace the foams with a better quality kind/brand?
or can you put the EVS foams and install them onto the Ascend (or has anyone tried that)?
b/ the EVS foam quality is great, while all versions of the VIO seem to use the same foam (shitty dish washer sponge foam).

Sina H says:

Holy fuck can this rambling retard just give a fucking review

jonathan amaya says:

this or dye i4?

JDXFAB says:

I just went to the store and tried every single mask and for the money this is the best mask hands down

Victor Vasquez says:

Awesome video.Would this mask work for someone who wears glasses or would the lens be too form fitting around the face?

Nicholas Farrens says:

Do you think for paint ball question time you can talk about testing your paintball gun around animals?

Backyard Paintball says:

Why does no one try on the mask?

DtheBeast23 says:


EomiProductions says:

would this work for airsoft

olayjames says:

Looks like a KLR lol! I’m looking to purchase some Vio XS but not sure how they fit…….

warpedspeed05 says:

these mask’s are awesome but the strap isn’t good at all
the strap is a must upgrade
I had the Vio contour and I breathe and feel better in this mask
spend the 25 and good the better strap! and the visor is good too

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