What Paintball Mask Should I Get?

Aj and Aaron check out some of the paintball masks you can get. Learn about the Dye i3, Dye i4, VForce Grill, Proto Axis, Empire E-Vents, JT Flex 8 and the brand new Sly Pro-Fit!
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TheKingMaker says:

Lol this video is pointless to them every mask is bad….

Louis Antos says:

What about a us army ranger performance goggles?

L Fryhover says:

Lol the masks look like they have eyes

Maximus Baxter says:

At 2:06 it looks like the three right masks have eyes because of the lighting

Jonah Neeley says:

This really needs to just be an i4 review, it’s the only mask they like

kenneth chu says:

you don’t have to turn any thing , just pinch to take off strap and it come right off less then 20/30 seconds .” turning part “is to take off the foam

Marco Rivera says:

can u wear glasses with a mask

ItsYaBoySlothy says:


rj reptilies and more says:


Nikita S says:

my flex 8 has never fogged up in general its a great mask

Rocky R. says:

I am 12 and have a video on my channel about a face reveal so could someone watch that and tell me what will be best

Matthew Prather says:

Is the flex 8 good with glasses?

Lego Builder41 says:

yah eyes

Trippit - Paintball says:

(I have a small face) force grills or sky profit??

Sparkyhellion says:

the jt sucks i have it and it fogs up SO easly

Variares10 says:

The mask on the right looks like it has eyes

Some Grass says:

The i4 is the AK-47 of the paintball mask world. Just legendary.

Alex Garcia says:

Does the empire e vent fog up?? I’m trying to get a mask I went paintballing today for the first time and the rental mask fogged up like crazy! We’re gonna go again but I’m just looking for a mask that doesn’t fog up as bad

Jonah Neeley says:

Too bad the virtue vio wasn’t out when this video was made, it fits snug like an i4, but has better jaw protection and much better foam IMO

khalifa essa says:

why do the masks have eyes ?

Alex Payne says:

How would the Dye I4 fit a 13 year old kid? I’m trying to decide either to buy the Grill or the Dye I4…

Zilon 7 says:

The v force grill got eyes 7:59

Levis bow hunting says:

can you make a video for vforce grill 

Kody Elliott says:

U forgot the best mask, the virtue vio contour

TheMatt3z says:

I have the i4 , big head, fits well , but YOU CAN NOT shoulder shit with it….

Star_Heavenside says:

I have a paintball. mask

Isaac Spencer says:

I have the nightmare red v force grill mask with dark lens. Its a great mask that fits my bigger head and it doesn’t fog up on me.

Genghis Khan says:

Annex M17 is a great mask for pretty cheap, probably the cheapest *good* mask you can get. It doesn’t fog up at all really, only if it’s -15 or lower outside or 25+ outside it just fogs up a little tiny bit but you can still see everything clearly.

Gonzalo Martinez says:

Hi, I started to play and I would like to know if these masks (Sly profit, die 4…) fit correctly with a helmet, for example emmerson.

Nuke says:

I got a JT Flex 8 brand new for 10 dollars

Meehad Jr says:

first one

Billnoply says:

Sly Profit are the best

Gavin Hoffmeyer says:

lol at 3:06 it looks like they have googly eyes on it

TheWolfTitan says:

I’m 12 and about 5’3″ so would I be good with the i4?

John Sparten says:

Sly Profit Can I remove the ear padding and use the padding from my headphones and put that on. that why there will be a hole in the center for hearing. but it will still be padded.

and would you recommend the JT Flex 8 for woodsball/scenario.

Anthony Izquierdo says:

is the VForce Profiler any good ?

Donut BMX says:

Eflex or grills?

Grevous Gaming says:

I have a mi-7 sly mask which is perfect on the field

Lucas Gonçalves says:

JT Proflexes are a good mask?

Azunatsu Deathrider says:

just wondering…will i4 fit on motorcycle half helmet?

ItsYaBoySlothy says:

Zz-M’dankScoperz-zZ dank do u mean the v-force grillz?

Zam W says:

I know this was made a long time ago ect ect. Just wanted to say as a guy with a large head and a lush head of hair I don’t find the i4 to be small, I think it’s about where it sits on your face, though I have my forehead showing I always wear a hat+ headwear anyway so there is no problemo 🙂 great video none the less

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