Which is the BEST Paintball Mask | Empire EVS vs Push Unite vs Dye I5 | Goggle Comparison

Tony compares the Empire EVS to the Push Unite and the Dye I5. Which of these is the best paintball mask on the market? Which do you prefer?


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Killamovz says:


Dustin K says:

Seriously….why is the intro always so freakin loud!!! Honestly i haven’t been able to find a replacement with better breath-ability than my JT Proflex.

Justin Webster says:

Could have pointed out the I5 comes with an attachment to attach an action cam w/o the need to “mod” the goggles to fit said action cam.

Kai Kai says:


G Tunales says:


Chris Santana says:

Have the push goggles myself. Absolutely love them. Are on the smaller side of high end goggles. But the additional features make up for it. What was not mentioned was the tabs the unite has on the top where the venting is. These tabs prevent sunlight causing the glare which most goggles have when the sun is at a angle. The nose adjustment is brilliant! Allowed me to get a perfect fit for my face. Which extends its comfort and prevents any fogging
Things I like-
-nose adjustment
– fantastic mask for glasses users because of the nose adjustment
-chin strap is super comfortable
– a very solid mask case
-solid breathability and field of vision
– 4 min the most to take apart mask and clean

Addressing this idea that the lenses are not the BIGGEST. One doesn’t need all that lense from the EVS to have a great field of vision. Most high end goggles and mid range have phenomenal field of vision.
Things i think could be better-
– foam, not terrible but could be better
-price tag, price is steep but one can say the case and chinstrap make up for it
– lense durability, i don’t know if this is a common thing, but first day out with them i got gogged and realized it had left a mark which is not major but a thing to note. Also lenses are easy to scratch, encountered a deadly branch and left a scratch on the lense.
All in all, highly recommend this goggle because of its unique features . But do recommend you always try out any goggle you’re interested in buying. You are paying a steep price, and you want to choose whats best for YOU .

David Kelly says:

I’d be very interested in your take on the EVS HUD

L RAM says:

Finally a new mask video. I was just looking at mask videos last night and they were all a little old. I love the I5s but I have a big face. I’m 280 lbs 6,5 football player. Should I get the DYE I5 OR the Virtue VIO extends ? The ascends. The Virtue Contour is nice but its smaller.

Johnny Aguilar says:

I’m still rocking an i4! Heavily considering the i5, maybe I’ll purchase through lone wolf

Chris Broughton says:

I hated my EVS. Bought a vio extend and never looked back

Paintball Guy says:

Vio is the best mast

Fuse Fire says:

I have to say my fav is the vforce profiler and grillz

Ashraven PB says:

The V-force Grills is the best paintball mask

Pat Latreille says:

You should have considered the cost for replacement lenses

Wes Pelland says:

umm flex just sayin

Nihilus says:

Push…. never fogs. #Infam

Norbert Pápai says:

I really love the i4 but I got a big head and grillz are the best 🙂 but everybody has a different head and preference so…. (just wear grillz)

Nick Woodman says:

Quick question about lens color. I just bought a vio contour with black smoke lens. I mostly play rec ball but it seems really dark (havent used then yet though) whats the best lens for woods/rec? Clear? Copper? Help a brotha out

big bob says:

I think the EVS is and the push unite would be a lot better I will find out here soon

big bob says:

Will the exalt bag fit the EVS? Is the real question

big bob says:

Dye i5 is kool but can’t really breathe out of it when you’re really breathing for air

Warped Rever says:

I’m a big buy local play local player but where I’m currently living it there is no proshop for the closet feild, closet proshop is about a hr or more away, is there any suggestions for what people like me to do about getting gear?

Adam Zulich says:


Don Hoggard says:

Do any of these have removable chin straps? I truly hate them. (Also not a tourney player anymore, but I hate cutting them out in case I WANT to play a local tourney)

iNiveous says:

I like the Vforce grills :p

Travis M. says:

The Empire EVS is my favorite of the three but JT proflex is still the best.

Andy Ford says:


payton beckman says:

The evs is best, i bought one from you guys a few weeks ago and love it

Kevin Camacho says:

Should have factored in cost of replacement lens, foam, and straps.

DirtyMason133 says:

Hot take: dye I5 is the most overrated mask on the market!

Gabriel Escobar says:

Virtue vio

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