9 Oz, 12 Oz, 20 Oz, 24 Oz CO2 Tanks – Review

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crazyluisito1 says:

hi can i use a 12g co2 with a paintball gun? I have like 50 of these small co2 that I use with a pellet gun. Maybe with an adaptor?. Thanks

AshCaspy25 says:

big difference between 12 and 20

Moises Ridderstaat says:

hey can you help me with covers for co2 tanks because most covers size say 50-68-90ci and the ‘ci’ is for air tanks so how do i tell which i can buy for my tank? thank you in adv

pint sized pb says:

just want to know because just got a hammer 7 and my paintball camp dos not do hpa refills and want to get a stock that holds air so i do not half to use a tank as a stock

Lizard Dude 525 says:

are they high pressure tanks

john carnate says:

my co2 adaptor just came off when I was taking the tank out off the gun, can you tell why it happen and how to fix it

creepingcreeper64 says:

I have several questions about the tippmann cronus, can u put a mag fed convertion kit on it with out having to take off the rail on the gun also can u put the magfed convertion kit on it. Also is it customizable like the 98 like putting e grip on it or response trigger. Can u put another asa other than the stock one that comes with it. Does the gun come in several colors. Can u use any barrel on it with the mock silencer on it like the tippmann 16 inch sniper barrel not an apex or flatline. I kinda dought it since it might look wierd with a barrel that long sticking out of the silencer also what is the max length the silencer can have before the barrel is sticking out of it. That is all thank you.

pint sized pb says:

can one of those 9 once fit in a stock that holds air ?

Isaac Torres says:

what psi is the 20 oz ??

Austin Silva says:

hi so I bought a 9 oz co2 tank exactly as depicted in the video and I was wondering how would I refill one of these at say a paintball explosion place would I need to add a part to this in order to fill it?

Weezyg Gaming says:

Can a 20oz tank hold compressed air

ItzLJB Gaming says:

How much are they

Boop! says:

Do u guys fill them when u ship them?

Down South Bassin says:

Can you put regulators on these. If so, which ones

Kandi Klover says:

I just got the 24oz one. There’s no HPA fill in my area and I don’t live in the city. Nice that the tank lasts really long for woodsball.

TDskirvin says:

What kind of o rings?

Hilde says:

Will the pressure regulator that fits a 20oz tank fit a 24oz tank?

Leroy Chidera says:

Helped a lot

LionBreath says:

Very helpful!

Colby Barron says:

Is it possible for me to run this sideways on a vest just bought a tank and vest and if not is there anything i can buy to convert it to verticle

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