All About Hydrostatic Testing Paintball Compressed Air and Co2 Tanks

One the most confused and talked about subjects in paintball in the hydro test. This simple testes makes sure that our paintball tank stays safe, and sometimes can be much cheaper than buying a new tank.

Hydrostatic testing, is a required test for all paintball Co2 and HPA tanks. Most paintball tanks are going to need retested every 5 years.


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Tippmann 48/3000 –
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Ali Harajli says:

where do we hydro test them at??

Popojijo's paintball says:

Hey man i noticed you had a 3000 48 ci. Im not sure about U.S.A but in Canada you don’t need too re hydro a tank smaller then 52 ci! Anything bigger you do every 5 years!!!

SynSyx1 says:

anyone else see the ghost on the right side of the screen at @3:36?

kyle smith says:

Where do I get them tested? Martinez ca

Mntoyaz says:

Thank You Brad for re-hydro testing my Ninja carbon fiber tank!! Quick turnaround time!

DoubleD says:

after hydro testing an aluminum compressed air tank, do they change the date on the tank? I have an aluminum Tippmann tank like the one you showed in the video.

Steve Amores says:

I thought they don’t charge you if it fails the hydro test?

R34_LIRA says:

How long will a re hydro tank last

daniel damn says:

please keep doing this doooood its sick

nathan murch says:

hey awesome video, in the future or if you can answer here one way or another what about Ninja tanks or any other tank with a gel coating that’s cracked or chipped are those automatically disqualified from being rehydro’d if they’re within their date?

Ty H says:

Great message and hopefully it’ll keep people safer. There’s a tremendous amount of stored energy in a full tank it’s not worth risking safety over a questionable tank. Question: I noticed your Ninja tank had quite a bit of surface cracking. Will a testing facility hydro a tank in that kind of condition?

Kyle Anders says:

I was wondering about this very thing after getting my hands on an older CO2 tank. This video was super informative for me, thank you.

Turbo Mini TV says:

Should a site be checking my tanks are in-test when i go to play?

Tommy Hunter says:


Kerry M says:

Very Helpful.. you covered everything I could think of. Thanks, great job!

SapperG says:

WAY AWESOME, Your like better then Bill Nye the science guy!!!! Great info please never stop! FYI Paintball Ruined my life too!!!!!

Chase Loughlin says:

How do I change the output pressure on the empire basic carbon tank? I thought you had a video on it but can’t seem to find it. If you did could you please give me a link? I know how to adjust it on a ninja reg, is it the same?

Linda Phillips says:

What if u bought a tank and used it once or twice that would suck

That1Goon says:

What do you recommend doing to old compressed air tanks that we do not want to keep nor rehydro? In other words, what’s the best way to dispose or recycle the HPA tanks?

Ian T says:

I called a fire extinguisher company that tests those. They hydro tested two tanks for 30$. I suggest calling around to your local fire department and see where they send their air tanks to get tested.

Daily tiago says:

what do you prefer ? Co2 or compressed air

Caveira138 says:

I play pump sometimes and have a KP3 would it be worth getting a small 13/3000 hpa tank instead of running my usual 45/4500 I run on my electro?

TechHoard says:

Whoa 5k congrats

Andrew Williams says:

super awesome video… saved me a lot of money. ^_^

SapperG says:

So a buddy of mine wants to change his regulator to change his output pressure. Why would some one change their regulator (or remove shims) to either lower or raise the output pressure?

Ben G says:

In Canada, any tank under 61 cubic inches does NOT need to be Hydro tested. Transport Canada updated this rule in 2015.


ARE THE 13/300 hpa tanks exempt from hydro testing?

Evo says:

Solid topic and video. Nice work, Brad!

Tim Hyland says:

How long does it take to hydro if u ship it to the place

FaZe Mouse says:

I wanna say one thing… I love you

Bradley Kirk says:

hi  mate I just started paintballing and your channel is great also I would like to know if you have done a review on the tippmann gryphone fx if not could you do one please

Ryan Hershey says:

Where are good places to look for hydrotesting?

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