All About Paintball Tanks Covers and Tank Grips

A very common questions for first time carbon fiber compressed air tank owners: is if you need to use a tank cover? The short answer is no. Lets dive into what the different types of tank covers are and also explore alternative options to thank classic tank cover.

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Sal Chavez says:

Love the addition of the B-roll to your videos. It’s very Blackfridaypaintballish. great work.

Stockish Harley says:

#Pbqt I bought an invert mini used. (I’m new to electronic markers) when I turn the gun on with no tank on it, I hit the trigger to attempt to dry fire it, it clicks once and shuts off. Then I proceed to turn the eyes off by holding the trigger and starting it up, it starts us I pull the trigger and it does the same exact thing. Any help would be appreciated thanks guys.

Chris mccall says:

tank butts always fall off for me, I just use hockey tape as well

-Dude Rekkit106- FireAnts_phillipines says:

Paintball ruined my life ruined Paintballs life

Boost Mobile says:

Recebtly went from neoprene to the butt cover. It feels way less bulky and more streamline. Gonna try the tape style next. tyvm!

Dev Gargano says:

I’m new to paintball and your channel I love your content

Micah Mckay says:

Why does my empire cover have a zipper with a thing inside that looks like it holds a pod? 😀 (I know a pod does not belong there)

Gabriel says:

Just need it to stick to my shoulder and not fall down

Joe Smith says:

I can’t find a place to get compressed air anywhere! Any ideas??

Nak Attack says:

are those link hairs all over that tank butt

ReACH 4 iT! ProDucTioNs says:

Hahahahahahhahaah i was about to buy the exalt full covers …. now I don’t know cause I want protection from scratches and all but not too much grip… damn it!!!!

Isaac Wade says:

You should get phone cases made with the pbrml logo and sell them on the website (definitely for iPhone 7 plus lol)

allen mik says:


SSniper14 PB says:

I use hockey tape or a dye rhino skin. The rhino skin has really helped preserve the resale of my tank (the tank looks brand new)

jason martin says:

brad I tape my tank to I like it better lol

Fish Slayer says:

What size tank should I use for my tippmann cronus

Ryan Bernstein says:

#pbqt so i have a proto rize and i have a problem with my eye pipe falling out and also my asa wont stay tight it slides back and forth. any suggestions on how to fix. thank you

Jack Stark says:

do 38/3000 tank covers exist ?

Francisco Caballero says:

i have a rize maxxed i have had it for 9 months and i really like but i wanna upgrade and i am thinking about a shocker i have went to the store and felt and i liked how it felt in my hands would u buy it

Francisco Caballero says:


outdoors 4life says:

I can’t find a cover for my ninja 62/3000 anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks!

BenchMorphucker says:

#PBQT what are the best headwear options for paintball?

Jonathan Orozco says:

hey can you review the mac dev clone for us

Justin Osler says:

Would a HPA tank work better than a CO2 tank on a tippmann 98 custom

maxxon99 says:

The protection is not really a big deal if you play turf fields only. But if you play woods or gravel fields, an exposed tank will get scratched, maybe even down to the fibre wrap and that may lead to the tank failing at re-hydro — because it must also pass visual inspection for visible damage.

UltraBlade3 says:

Can you please review the dangerous power e1

Tommy Tuomaala says:

You can hockey tape the bottom to get the grip. But I use ninjas 2 piece tank cover able to flex if changing to larger tanks. I find the tank cover function merely to protect the resales value. With scratches and wear it is more difficult to sell than a clean and neat one.

Ruhkk says:

can you explain what causes paintball tank burst disks to blow? why does this happen seem to happen randomly and what is going on with the tank when this occurs? #pbqt

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