Azodin Kaos 2 Paintball Gun – Review

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Ethan Farnsworth says:

I wish he shot both of them just to kind of see the diffrence

Jimmy Gonzalez says:


Manish Jung says:

I having a problem where it’s not receiving
any suggestion

Jimmy Gonzalez says:

one thing i noticed with this gun is, it does NOT do well with brittle “cheap” paint . this is because of the simple design that pushes all the pressure through the barrel breaking or giving the paintball a curve

K C says:

This or the GoG eNMy?
basic rec play more woods ball than speedball

Keiran W says:

This or the Blitz 3?

Angel Rodriguez says:

This marker is similar in performance to the D3FY Vert3x. Maybe was made in the same factory in Taiwan. The Vert3x is sligthly more heavy because the frame is aluminum.
But is less expensive.
Te real advantage of this modelo versus the first version is the feedneck…

Mr Suggs2121 says:

would you recommend this or the blitz 3?

Isaiah Perez says:

Are you able to ”walk” the trigger as soon as you buy this gone or does it need to be modified

Top Shot says:

Hey ansgear can u plz answer if u are going to come out with a gun package or starter pack with this like a bundle coming with a mask, tank pods, and pack, hopper. because u do have it in the first azodin kaos but i would love if u did this to this gun

P Ros says:

How much does it cost in USD

its just team Gravity says:

ANSgear what speed and sound level should i set an empire halo too hoper with the kaos2 and whats the velocity that you recomend me to set my marker . i just bought this ome and im mew on paintball i eas breaking paint and shooting some time two paintballs at the time with my brand new kaos2

Davinator says:

its eletric right?

billikap playz says:

I am planning on buying a speedball oriented pack andd I am between kaos 2 and blitz 3 (I am using the proto primo loader so I am not expecting crazy rates of fire so what’s better?

e Dib says:


Deven Grant says:

How do I put my 20oz co2 into the azodin kaos 2 it hits the bottom of the trigger handle so it can’t get into the gas

OrphanCrippler says:

Does this need batteries?

Dank Unboxings says:

Second like

King Monarch says:

I’m very new to paintball, though I have bought my own gun already. The Tippmann TMC. I hear Azodin are terrible, is it true? Though I need a new marker, are Azodin’s recommended for new players? And which one should I buy?

coas3 says:

would you buy this or a tippmann after the initial rental phase?

Esteban Juarez says:

can u run this gun on a air tank instead of co2?

cmskater420 says:

what caliber is it

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