Best $500 Paintball Gun Setup: Marker, Hopper, & Tank

Lets face it picking out a paintball gun setup can be a headache, there are a of different makers, hoppers and tanks out there.

If I had a $500 (or $550 😁) budget to get a great paintball gun setup this is the stuff I would buy. This is also a great setup for any player looking to make the jump into tournament paintball.

➖ Empire Mini GS Set-up ➡
➖ Empire Mini GS ➡
➖ Empire 68/4500 ➡
➖ GI Sportz LVL ➡
➖ Empire F7 Halo Too ➡

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HotWod25 says:

So lets see if someone can help me out. I’m in between two choices and they are similar prices. I’m looking at the rize maxxed or the mini gs. If someone can help me between the two and why? Not just biased opinions like real factual reason why one over the other. Or if there are any other market options around the same price mark let me know.


What about Proto Rize maxxed, dye Ltr, and ninja 50/4500 600

joshua nuno says:

Just bought a mint ego 11 for 300, finally going to get back into playing it’s been a minute

NeonX prime says:

I just got into paintball. I’m a noob basically. And I just bought a used Empire mini gs. The shop said i have a 2 year warranty on it if anything goes wrong. But the point is idk how often to clean it.
1. Do I clean the mini gs before and after every use? Or before use? Or after use? When should I clean it?
2. How would I clean the mini gs(btw I never used it yet and I go paintball 1-2 times a month)
3. What lube should I buy to use on the mini gs?

jaiden calkins says:

What caliber paint does this gun take and what’s the best paintballs you recommend ?

NiamLeeson says:

God damn it my life savings is only $500!

WhatToD0 101 says:

Well I found free $1645a money making system that is really working for me>>> Try once.

Saucy PB says:

I am new and I got a azodin blitz 3 and I was wondering what set up could I get for under about 130-140

DKGaming says:

Low pressure means it has lower fps too? So not as powerful as others?

Guncleana says:

Solid choice, I run a dsr now but I ran a mini before that for quite a while and I’ve never had a problem with it love it

Jack Bogikes says:

I am new to paintball and don’t have a gun yet if a gun is low pressure doesn’t that mean that it won’t shoot as fast and as far wouldn’t that be bad

Andrew Dawson says:

if you had the money would you fo etha 2 over mini gs?

ay y says:

I’m not new just broke

Jorge Alejandro Jauregui Sandoval says:

They paid you so much

jacob capatan says:

Best setup for 1,400 ???

machine9un kill says:

Here would be my ideal setup:
Etha 1 $270
Empire 68/45 $140
Dye LTR $100
685. Lurker Eigenbarrel $40

Andre Lopez says:

I have been looking into the mini gs for a while and I’m not asking for advice on the gun because ik what I want but is a 48/4500 tank fine for the mini gs

Jackson West says:

i had the worst marker out there for a while , the jt outkast, and i went to play and got nobody out even within 20 feet and i aimed w/ the sights. i had a friend who went with me and he had to go home early and i ended up using his dye Proto Rize maxxed

XMANDOGY112 says:

If you want a quiet gun go with a proto rail or rize maxxed

Junior Sauceda says:

What paint is best for the mini gs? Just for req use?

Urstin says:

No thanks, Ill take a geo 3, Spire/LVL and an SL68/77.

Jonah Bonds says:

2:13 “The REEEL feature I have here”

pb triton says:

Should I buy the valken code heard good things and I’m looking at markers that have the bright lime green color bevause I already bought a v force grill mask thats bright green so I just want to match my setup I heard ion a bit but I just feel like it ain’t for me I rather have an axe its more compact and it I go just black I dobt have to care for much plus I want a marker that I can treat luke shit and moves still yes tippmann are good but I really just want a decent marker without ripping my balls off and selling them for a dye m3 but imo I would want an axe or a code even valken got charges put on them because well fucking empire didnt even know what the invert mini was they called it a invertor let alone the got the axe and mini mixed up but I would rather have a code right now in ljme green olus I’m starting a new team for more aggressive kids I’ve seen at my local field its an open team just max amount is 20 players then a year or two it will drop to 15 then 12 then stop I more want an aggressive team and usually if they’re aggressive they’re good plus it’s mostly for kids and stuff maybe later I’ll make a adult team and ill be more tough on them but its just to test their limits in the long run so they don’t like it there’s the door

SPACE MONKEY1102 says:

Again with the missleading title? Fucking idiot! Blocked

Isaac Milstein says:

Can’t even afford just the gun

Electric_ Bass says:

I’m not gonna pay 140 bucks for a tank when I️ can get one for 30 bucks on amazon. So what if it’s heavy

TheReal Zoom says:

I was thinking about getting the etha 2 but i saw this video and the mini gs is 100less and it looks good but it is to small? And what do you think etha 2 or mini gs

Matthew Salas says:

Voice crack at 7:11 lol

nicosoliv896 _ says:

What you think about indian creeck btk standard??

Og Yellow says:

On the website for black Friday paintball, it says “some brand of 68/4500 tank”…. so is the carbon fiber tank not a for sure thing to get with the package?

LittleEonze says:

Great video bro

ChrisHasVideos says:

Too many bad memories of the old Halos. I’m going to keep running my Gen 1 Rotor.

Paintball 84 says:

I use a mini gs and empire tank and a ltr hopper

Famous Zaee says:

Which hopper should I get the Gi LvL or the Halo 2… I’m getting a valken code by the way

Greatly G says:

I was thinking about the etha 2. Is this board easy to setup the style of play?

Keaton M. says:

unless you count buying used guns, a mini will keep you at a competitive level for a while.. plenty of kids would tear guys up shooting PE’s and other high ends with simply a mini and like a freak barrel.

Rafael Montero says:

Is the dangerous power G5 a bad gun for a beginner?

robin705 says:

Etha 2 300$, Spire 260 80$, Used Ninja 68/4500, 100$

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