Best Omega Super Charger 4500psi Compressor Review! (For Airguns and Paintball Tanks!)

Omega Super Charger 4500psi Compressor – the best compressor for the bucks so far that is built for filling up any airguns (PCP) or paintball tanks, or even scuba tanks and such up to 120 cubic feet! It can fill up to 4500 psi (the max for most tanks anyway) in a very short time! The most awesome thing you can invest if you are a gun nut like me!

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Kimbo Slice says:

That looks like some serious exquipmemt Mak, but very useful by the looks because filling your tank is the most annoying part of paintballing for me 🙂

southern gunner says:

you are not supposed to turn that grease fitting all the way in its supposed to be turned on 2 rotations every 2 hrs thats why your pump went out

Antonio vicente marin says:

I say that if you can sell a compressor ?

Linda Phillips says:

Yea but that tank is small a big tank would take along time to fill that’s if it would even survive a big tank fill

Qyuubi786 says:

Nice compressor you have there. 🙂 This is better than a hand pump or scuba tank. Besides using electricity.

johnniedeelee says:

Cool video. Do you know how long it takes to fill a 68/4500 paintball tank? Also, I’ve noticed in other videos that you have the Diablo Air System Filter. Is it necessary to have if I am filling mostly paintball tanks and scubas?

Paul Beanis says:

can you compress different gasses with this? for example CO2 or N2


I need help in knowing if this compressor would work to fill my Airforce Talon ss 177 I will post the model number if any one can help with question I would greatly apreciated thank you much and happy holidays to everyone (300bar 30mpa 4500psi High Presure portable PCP Electric air compressor ) Once again thank you for your Help !!

Joe says:

I’m confused as to the main meter having numerous measuring points.  Can you provide a explanation as to how to precisely set the meter?

Joe says:

I I appears that there is two models of this compressor in that the switches are either to the right of the Gauge or beneath the gauge. What is the difference? Is one a older model. Is the model with the gree plastic lubrication extension a New or old model? A reply would be much appreciated.
Joe Friday Harbor, WA

Dark Truths says:

1700 dollars for that??? Hell no. If you already have a 200 dollar shop compressor, you can get the shoebox compressor for 650 and use that set up for 850 or less. 1700 no thanks. And to be clear, the shoebox compressor does go up to 4500 psi.

BRR says:

Great video. I can pump up my 13 CI Ninja 3000 psi tank faster with my Hill Pump by hand than your Omega Compressor. Just kidding, That is a fantastic new toy, best of luck with it and I look forward to your future reviews of this fantastic device.

Black Ops says:

what gun does he use? it looks cool

imsuckingwind says:

very nice piece of equipment 

Skirmisher says:

Impressive! Too bad I don’t live nearby, we would be best friends!

Bigtwin says:

How’s the compressor holding up?

Joe says:

The gauge displays a outer perimeter marking of 10, 20 etc. what is this outer numerical notations for?Also. In the video it is confusing as filling the tank. Is there another video as to filling a 75 size tank from the Omega Super Charger without the added on moisture eliminating upgrade.

Joe says:

I don’t understand what the gauge markings are showing/measuring. The inner gauge marking it appears to show the PSI setting. What is the outer marking being 10,20 etc showing? I have replied on this before debut didn’t get a reply as to what the outer gauge numbers are all about.

silversleeper484 says:

Hey Mak @ 3:28 mark is that paper or white grease?  If it’s paper I suggest you take that white paper out of the way before it might clog it up or something  actually I suggest you get like a paper towel or something and put it in the hole and use a razor blade and take all that paper sticker off

Andrew Graves says:

how many hours you at now? also is it still working?

Jesus Arriaza says:

Just one cuestion, can I refill pepper gas cylinder with Omega super Charger?

Martin Hensley says:

I love this little dude. very good presenter of new things for the airgun community

Kal El says:

Awesome piece of machinery Mak worth every penny, plus more filled air tanks means more gun videos lol 🙂

j l says:

hey man, i havent had a paintball gun for awhile but when i did they used co2, but i just got a tippman a5 and found out that you could use HPA instead of Co2. I have mechanic friends who have big compressors. I was looking at a 3000psi Gorilla tank in the UK as they are the only HPA tanks i can find at about 44quid cheapest i can find and u get about 800 shots. is it pretty much as simple as buying the tank an adapter for it and connecting it to the compressor. I was always used to taking it to specialist Co2 places or paintball shops, which Co2 is alot harder to find than HPA. I also heard you get more shots HPA and the cold you get from Co2 can damage the guns.

Antonio vicente marin says:

Podrian enviarme un compresor a SPAIN ?

mrwagman says:

Enjoyed the video and bought the Omega super charger because of your review! But you are doing the grease wrong, you don’t screw it in you leave it out then turn in every 20 hrs or so. Watch Airguns of Ariz. video..

Martin Hensley says:

yeah theres a ton of reviews on youtube but it is the biggest break barrel caliber made to date was just interested on your thoughts of it

George B says:

You are using the grease fitting wrong. You are not supposed to put the grease in and then tightin down the the bolt all the way. You are supposed to give it two turns every 20 hours. That is way it has so many threads. You are giving it all that grease all at once. Not good for the machine.

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