Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum Barrels – Paintball QT

Lets do this! PBQT!

‎Kyle Brogdon‎ – Aluminum vs carbon fiber barrels. Other than being lighter are there any other benefits to carbon fiber barrels and do you think it’s more accurate?

Michael Stewart – I want to get into pump, should I buy a new gun or build one?

Eric Lynn – Should I buy paintball pants with knee pads or just get knee pads?


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calinewera says:

I wear those exalt pants and they are awesome, and I don’t need knee pads, I’m 32 with no cartlidge in knee from military, I’m 150 pounds 6 ft

Vintage Paintball says:

Great stuff as usual, but tell the people how it really should be done! You should always buy knee pads with lightweight paintball pants. Never a heavy, padded paintball pant.

robert myers says:

i agree

Julio Velasco says:

#PBQT do you think companies will ever move in the direction of having solar powered equipment?

Scott Macri says:

This is interesting. I found the exact opposite to be true in that the carbon fiber barrels are much quieter. I tested this on an Etha2, the stock barrel sounds like a cannon, with the new carbon barrel its quieter than my Rize, which is significant.

CampingKin says:

I have those same pants and I weigh maybe 125 but I still use knee pads. I would just rather have the extra padding. I love going down on a knee and now feeling anything at all. Yes the pants do have some padding but it’s just better in my opinion to wear knee pads too.

elcamel1216 says:

I’m coming back into the sport after having left around 2007. What did I miss? What do I need to know before my first trip out this weekend?

Domo :P says:

if you want to try pump. I would try a hammer 7 and see if you like it.

Tommy Deliso says:

#PBQT What is your opinion on composite? Because I️ have been looking at the Gtek as an upgrade but a lot of videos are saying bad things about it because it has composite parts.

InfiniteBlue says:

is the dangerous power e1 a decent gun? I’ve been looking at it lately and it looks quite nice


actually CF barrel usually have aluminum or stainless steel incerts… Sooo same thing… the only barrel i can really say is more accurate is the Dye Cf boomstik but its not a game changer if you suck playing lol

Mikaël Provencher says:

don’t forget the hammer7 great way to see if you like pump/magfed/first strike

Plus the base color is super cheap on the big paintball online store. $80 is a steal to try pump with this nice nelson base pump.

Original Bluxey says:

Hi i got a question that im hopping to get an answer on. I bought a used DM7 (yeh ik its an old gun) with it came a 68/4500 stako tank that has been expired since 2012. It has a regulator on it. Im short on cash and im about to purchase a 48/3000 tank. Am i still able to use my old regulator that is on my stako tank or must i buy a new 3000psi regulator?

Frank Gossett says:

How can someone get connected with a tournament team? I checked PBNation forums and they seem dead on the “free agent” tab. So should I just go play and meet people or is there a hidden website for new tournament players? Thanks -Frank

michael harty says:


Christopher Eckhardt says:

I think you’re right, CF barrels do seem louder. the aluminum back on my shaft FL seems to help with this but its still noticeably louder when compared to my aluminum barrels.

Custom British Classic Cars says:

I assume you breathe between the in-scene cuts? 😀

Keep it up, great videos!

Astonishingfluffy55 Jack says:

What’s better an electric feeder or a normal one in a game

Urstin says:

Also I have had Shaft FL, Deadlywinds, Freaks, etc etc. I think currently the best option would be the freak XL in aluminum, or the shaft 5 and boost kit

Dylan Sawyer says:

i disliked so i could be the first to dislike

Matthew Laseter says:

Hey brad, I have $100 right now and I need a new hopper. Should I get the ltr or the z2 or should I save up for a better ome

Cesar M says:

Can you tell me if the koas 2 is good, and the good things about it.

Marbo40 K says:

lol I love the CookieMonster/Batman voice “paintball question time” introduction.

Keep up the great work, man! Best PB channel on YouTube right now.

RNB Turtle says:

So painball ruined my life i was wondering if the Etek 3 compares to an Etek 5 besides the Lv1 comparison and i know its better then an Etek 4 that thing is a cannon, but i was thinking of picking up an Etek 3 so what do u think?

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