Charging a paintball air bottle with a stirrup pump

I charge a 42CU 3000 psi paintball tank with a stirrup pump at home. See how many pump strokes are required and how long it takes to get the bottle from 0 to 3000 psi. I charge two of these bottles on the day of the video. This is the second one. Cheap paintball tank charging with no need for diving bottles or compressors, but with a price to pay in effort! I am glad that I decided to go this way. DIY paintball bottle refill.


Aaron Simkin says:

Didn’t know Sean Bean played paintball.

Grizzly-Outdoors says:

can That bottle be used to fill your pcp rifle??

NukeThat says:

How long would that last for a hia airsoft fun?

Los Ojos De HotSpanish says:

Can you use an air compressor instead?

Tamas Csavar says:

Hi, I have a Webley ultra glide air rifle pump which works great until the preasure reach 500 psi after that is wery hard to pump and it feels like generate vacuume. I replaced all the o rings and is still the same someone can help me ? I tryed to google but I can’t find anny answer or manual to see how is works. Cheers

coolranchluke says:

Which stirrup pump is this? Pretty sure mine wouldn’t hold up lol.

David Storton says:

I’d been wondering about how long that would take …. Thanks

UnkinglyLike says:

I’d be curious to see the pump put on a scale to see how much weight must be applied for strokes at different pressure levels.
You could then formulate an electric motor/gear reduction to turn it into an electric pump of sorts.

Thanks for the video, very informative!

Johnnyrow Row says:

Is this a c02 tank

Gio The RACER says:

Why would you do this! Just spend two or three dollars and go to dicks

Firecracker guy says:

How much preasure can schedule 80 pvc take i want to know cause i don’t want it blowing up into my face

Chland says:

add a motor on that thing and you have a full air compressor.

Md Fahim says:

hello sir,
can I fill ninja Co2 tank like this ??

Nathan Huerta says:

can it be used to fill a co2 tank?

johan uittenhove says:

hi, i just don’t get it , if you see the diameter of the pumphousing: its several square cm.
so just to pump 100 bar in the tank , you should press with several hondreds of kilo on the pump and noone can do this.

Skyrim Gaming & Nerd says:

Can a stirrup pump completely refill the hard in a paintball tank.

Gio The RACER says:

Oh I thought you were being serious

Online Gaming 101 says:

personally I would just use my air compressor

Reed Wischhusen says:

I use a pump on my airgun, its not hard work, but planning to get a divers tank too, imagine try fill up one with a pump 😀

heyhey says:

+ Russell Platten can you use a electric car tire pump to refill the bottle?

lance says:

Can I use this in airsoft co2 cartridge?

Peaky_Blinder says:

I thought the bottles should be 300 psi not 3000.

Qatari Man says:

Use car tyre pump and save your health

VentuRoute says:

Everyone is asking why not use an air compressor but they are about £1000 for a 3000 psi one. They are too expensive guys.

jack kelley says:

They work, but they don’t last at all. Hand pumps like these are garbage. You can get a 4500 psi compressor for less than $300 now, and you don’t have to bust your ass trying to fill it.

Simon Ci says:

Just buy compressor

Firlox says:

so how long did it take?

DAJ says:

Thanks for sharing .. It helped me out a lot for my project to come .. Thanks

Conner MEDU says:

What exact pump did you use in the video? And what did you use to connect the pump to the hpa tank?

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