Co2 or Compressed Air, Which Ones Better?

Lets face it picking Co2 or Compressed Air (HPA) can be a bit confusing, let clear some things up!


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travis hurst says:

hpa is the best for ur gun n for the enviroment

Valkyrie612 says:

Very knowledgeable. Why use CO2 at all? Sounds like the only benefit is more shots, but less consistency?

Teh Uloste says:

Im goin’ whit compressed

A. Senior says:


Paintball airsoft That’s my game says:

It’s free at my field

Nicholas Scott says:

siphon tank is better then compressed air. Oh wait, modern guns can’t use siphon tanks

Tyler Derden says:

Thanks for the info sir. just got my first marker and this video helped out .

Edy Daou says:

Can i buy a regulator and have it installed on my CO2 tank so i can use it for compressed air ?

Firlox says:

who else noticed his supreme hat?

jabamango JR. says:

Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Your work at predator paintball right?

James Holmes says:

good one! what about doing a comparison video? apex barrel tips vs barrel insert kits…..

Ben Greyson says:

does anyone use nitrogen anymore

Lorenzo Sandoval says:

Can eny one tell me if paint ball fields fill up hpa tanks i now they fill up co2 but not sure about hpa if any one can tell me that would be grate

J ADDiXX says:

I’m getting an x7 Phenom and wanted to know what would be a good tank to go with

Dan dan says:

Why did I get a CO2 in my starter package? Now I have a useless CO2 tank

TechHoard says:

Can you make a spool vs poppet video?

Paintball Master says:

Is this a good setupEtha 2, prophecy z2, crossfire 45,45, v force profiler

Josiah Wildman says:

Say i have some extra air in my HPA tank at the end of the day. Do i need to let it out and if i do what is the best way to do that?

Kaleo Quiroga says:

What are some tips for maintenance of a paintball gun

Brody Hodge says:


Angel Villa says:

good think its unlimited co2 and air where I go

Orchestra Fanatic says:

My air compressed is 3000 psi can I fill a compressed air tanks with it

James Rubio says:

I have a tippmann tmc I wanna get ninja 68/4500 psi air tank will that work with the gun?

mario zamora says:

Is it necessary to buy a higher end brand tank for an electric gun?

Nicolas Emiliani says:

Is it true that compressed air is better for the gun? I heard that CO2 freezes the orings in certain conditions and can ruin them with time.

Austin Brown says:

Can I fill my 20oz Co2 tank with Compressed air?

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