Compressed Air Tanks: Best Sizes, Weights, Shots and More!

Whats the deal with compressed air tanks?

Below is a list of shots you can expect from the tanks listed. It is likely you will get more depending on the gun you use, but you can expect to get at least the amounts listed.

13/3000 – 100 Shots
35/3000 – 350 Shots
48/3000 – 500 Shots
68/3000 – 700 Shots

45/4500 – 750 Shots
50/4500 – 850 Shots
68/4500 – 1200 Shots
72/4500 – 1250 Shots
77/4500 – 1300 Shots
90/4500 – 1530 Shots


Tanks In This Video
Tippmann 48/3000 –
Empire 68/4500 Basic –
Empire 80/4500 Ultra –
Ninja 77/4500 SL –
Ninja 68/4500 Grey Ghost –

Paintball Gear I Use
Planet Eclipse Gtek –
Ninja SL 77/4500 –
Virtue Spire 200 –
Planet Eclipse FR Barrel Back –
Empire E-Flex –
GI Sportz Race 2.0 –

Video Gear I Use
Sony a6500 –
Rode Mic Pro –
Sony Vario-Tessar E 16-70mm F4 –
Manfrotto 290 Xtra Fluid Tripod –
Newer LED Light Panel Kit –
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB SD Card –

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STRYFE Gaming says:

yes! fineally thank you so much

Daily tiago says:

What you think about the spyder victor 2007??

spring som fågel! says:

why dont you talk about the dye tanks? is it becaus of sponsorship or is dye not as famous in the USA?

DaveMechanikus says:

Do you know what type of threads this mini gauge has?
It’s 9,52mm in diameter

davis2sh says:

The carbon fibre empire tank won’t work on my Axe 2.0 as the asa won’t engage the tank

Arian Tariverdi says:

What are your thoughts on first strike 62/3000 flat bottom tank?

Nathan Santos says:

Could you do a livestream tomorrow at about 2:00 pm pst or on Friday at about 11:00 am pst?

Nurse Gutiz says:

Empire vs Ninja carbon fiber peanut tank, which is better?

William Brasky says:

when are you gonna do a show on how u make ur own supreme?

Eight says:

what do you think about me getting a gryphon with Tippmann – 48ci 0,8L 3000psi, primo and empire helix thermal for 240$

coas3 says:

c02 is so pointless these days.

galactic shadow says:

what should i do if i get a low pressure gun?


Why is their a radiation logo on your tank

samuel morning says:

how much shots can I get out of a 62/3000 tank

Sparkyhellion says:

Hello sir i need help should i either buy a tippman tmc or a speed ball gun like the kaos 2?


God I south Africa its R4000 = $400

James M says:

so cab CO2 and Compressed air be used interchangeable on one gun?

craig larsen says:

#pbqt is it a upgrade going from a lv1 to a gtek 160r

Nate Coffey says:

Do a personal gear bag review on your setup!

alexharrisfishing says:

Tank costs more than my gun lol

Luke Dorsey says:

i got my empire 48ci tank for $134

Mr. Z says:

Greetings all.
Awesome review. I always wanted to know if the ninja SL tank was slimer and shorter then the gray ghost tank. And now I know. Also, loving the live Saturday videos.

kidlat1968 says:

I have an Empire axe pro, I was thinking of buying a new HPA tank and i’m considering between the two, the empire ultra or the ninja SL77? any advices?

Eric Lopez says:

what kind of gun is that?

Jacob Gallegos says:

thanks for the video keep it up, BTW you deserve way more subscribers

jfdl1296 says:

Somebody knows wich is the lightest tank in the market? Maybe a 77 or a 68

Ryker Inc says:

Do this tanks have an experation date like the co2???

Kuda IsOnline says:

IF i have an Electric Gun and I use a tank that’s 48/3000 will it have negative effects on the gun?

Triston Herrera says:

These tanks are so dam expensive you could almost buy another gun for some of those prices

SnuggeSnugge says:

Love this video! I was wondering though (since I don’t find a lot of information about this) how you fill your HPA tanks. And how can you be self-sufficient in filling your HPA tanks? The only thing i’ve found was that you need a 4500 psi compressor, fill a scuba tank and then fill your paintball HPA tank with the scuba tank. Is that correct? What compressor would you recommend? Thank you in advance for the feedback!!

Ilir Kumi says:

Just bought a re hydro’d 68ci Ninja for $100 bucks.


Is there any way to adjust the nipple and gauge placement on the ninja ultralite regulator so the nipple is pointed down and gauge pointed up? Somehow that’s how my shop set mine up when I get my carbon tank back then.
Is the nipple longer on UL than prov2 any help is great appreciate. Thx

MHunter02 says:

Great channel the quality is great

When I saw you only had 13k subs I thought i miss read it as I expected you had over 100k

NoahDBoss says:

Nice memes

matt schuller says:

hey first question is can you do a review on a clone 5? If you can’t get a hold of one I’ll gladly send you mine to do a review. Second question is how much do you want for that RL Timmy you used in this video?


I don’t what what it is about you but you and your videos are really interesting and your personality makes them a whole lot better

JB Vs. World says:

good video

Brian Acost says:

i have a tippmann tmc i just bought a couple days ago..i plan on carrying the tank around my waist , .which would be the best tank for my tippmann tmc? also what does the 3000 and the 4500 stand for??

Richard H says:

I use a Ninja 68 SL V2, Tippmann Cronus, DeadlyWind Null barrel, Halo 2 loader – and I am able to play with guys with electronic guns. Many times eliminating many more of opposing players than guys with electronic guns. I think it is the best basic setup. That being said, I will probably buy an Etha 2 for times when it is “electronic only” games but outside of that it is a good setup for beginners who want to play with most other players. It just works. No maintenance, no problems. Keep up the good videos, I appreciate the unbiased reviews and insights. Very helpful…

Drew says:

I want a supreme hat collection video

Team Toxic says:

PBRML im new to paintball and just ordered the azodin KDII, are the comments true on amazon that it sucks

Dan says:

Any tips on how to take off your tank, when taking it off it shoots air like mad.

Gash N 420 says:

are you playing any events this season? what division are you?

kidlat1968 says:

the Sl68 can consistently shoot up to 10 pods air capacity

Trevor Brown says:

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, but there are also thread extenders for those guys that want a longer feel for a HPA tank but don’t necessarily want a larger tank! I’m 6′ 2″ (approx), personally I do not use one of these but I also use a 77CI Ninja SL tank, which offers a little more length than a 68CI, for an example.

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