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My name is Mike Peverill. I’m here at Pev’s Paintball Park in Aldie, Virginia. I’ve been playing paintball nearly 30 years. I’ve played professional paintball with numerous pro teams all over the world. This facility here was built from the ground up for paintball, kind of like a paintball Disney Land. Our website is Hopefully you can come out and visit us sometime.

This is a CO2 tank. CO2’s been around since the beginning of paintball. That was the first type of gas that was used to propel the paintball gun. Then it was followed by compressed air. Compressed air is basically natural breathing air, like in a scuba diving compressor, as opposed to CO2, which is carbon dioxide. The difference is, you know, CO2 is an unstable gas. What happens is as it gets warmer and gets hot, it goes to a liquid, I mean a gas form, which can cause an increased spike in what’s gonna happen in pressure. As opposed to being in liquid, I mean, you know, which is a different velocity. So, so this was always changing. Compressed air is not changing. So what happens, if you want a paintball gun to be efficient, and get more shots per tank, and not have to fill up as often, you want compressed air. Plus compressed air, the bottle itself, fiberglass, weighs half the weight of this metal heavy CO2 gas filled container. So I mean, a big difference. Imagine being on the paintball field for 4 hours, 5 hours, playing all day long. You wanna carry the gun that’s gonna be the lightest, and you’re gonna want compressed air. Plus, you don’t wanna have to come back and refill as much. Now, CO2 tank, that’s the cheaper way to go for your gun. It costs less to buy the tank. This may cost more, but in the long run, it’s gonna pay for itself numerous times. Because more shots per tank, better gas efficiency, better accuracy. So that, you know, CO2, every third or fourth ball you shoot, the velocity’s gonna drop, ’cause you’re shooting so fast, it won’t reach your target, it’s wasting your paintballs. This one is always gonna be on target, same velocity all the time.


Max Nye says:

1:47 anyone realize he got hit?

Colton Nedyah says:

Compressed air is also free to refill, co2 is not

Lucas Smith says:

Could you fill a compressed air tank with an air compressor?

Jayden Jones says:

This wouldbe great for webshooters

Irving Alcala says:

Im new to paintball, i just bought recently a Spider MR100 with a 20 oz CO2 tank but not sure if I should change to an air compressor tank, what do y’all that have more experience would recommend me to use?

Joseph winkle says:

I usually last longer and with less refill with CO2 I can do about 8-9 games before I refill

wcjcnc says:

CO2 works great if you have the following criteria. Use a remote line with the tank carried vertically on a vest or belt. Put a Palmers Stabilzer on the gun. Don’t play in the cold. I live in Texas where it rarely gets really cold. Use a slow rate of fire like you get with a stock mechanical trigger. This is my set up and my velocity is VERY stable even with CO2. If you can’t meet all these criteria switch to HPA. If you can afford it get HPA anyway. I’m a poor bastard so I had to make CO2 work for me. 

D Rock sucka says:

I do gotta ask what does it take to switch from co2 to air just the rings? Anyone help

The Randoms 07 says:

can jt outkast use compressed air

Dylan Gonzalez says:

I’m getting a spyder and it comes with a co2 can I use oxygen tank


I have a question if my compressed air tank was accidentally dropped by my brother and the air came out Is that bad??? It was a small drop on carpet about 2 feet no damages or nothing from the tank ?

joshua aanhuizen says:

Does compressed air work with bt4 assault?

HB Moto says:

And air is free co2 isn’t

Dark Munkee says:

Co2 last longer I have been a paintball marshal at several sites with co2 and air and co2 always last longer in my experience and is more reliable in a screw in and play. At one site co2 never spiked at another site running air their guns were spiking left right and centre the only downfalls co2 have is that it unclean and puts water into the marker and when it using the wrong valve setup and the velocity adjusters are out due to the velocity spring worn out their an arse to get to fire properly by all means correct me if am wrong just talking from previous experience with in the field the age I would recommend air as it better for the marker and can be left on whilst filling the tank but for lightness that only comes with the air tank if you fork out for a more expensive tank if you have a beginner tank it still going to weight the same as a co2 tank.

Dashie HAAAAP! says:

Do you have to get a special air compressor to fill compressed air tanks? will I be able to fill a compressed air tank up at my local field?

OniKitsune says:

I was given alot of paintball stuff and have some questions. How do I refill my compressed air tanks. How do I find a place to fill it and a inspector to get my tanks recertified.

boogyman489 says:

Co2 is horrible for your gun…get compressed air.

Lavneh says:

I use on my co2 marker can i just buy a compressed air tank and it will fit on my gun

Archangel says:

Can both tanks go into any gun

It'sHuskyHere says:


oscar miranda says:

can you put compressed air in a co2 tank


great vid,thanks mate

Foehammer690 says:

Does compressed air work with the tippmann 98?

Christian Lowe says:

Will any Spyder Gun work with compressed air

Briggs_606 says:

not to be rude but the the hell is it called PEV’S it souds like pervs

FluffyWubblers says:

does any Tippman gun work with a compressed air tank? (I’m new and just bought a gryphon because i heard it was a good and cheap starter)

Dennis Lane says:

so does compressed air last much longer i mean like co2 goes bad in a year right it stars to go awy does compressed ?

Wizzy Ace says:

So what’s better

Brady Mckendre says:

I’m a new player and i brought the Tippmann Cronus Basic Semi Automatic .68 Caliber; what would be better compressed air or CO2

Bloqz says:

how much is a 20 oz compressed air tank

Ask Joe Taylor says:

I play paintball with co2 and compressed air I played today and my air tank fell out of my gun and smashed my foot

saucedat23 says:

Does anyone know if a c02 tank freezes it will keep shooting paintballs without you doing anything?? HELP

Jesper Sno says:

What is the difference between Nitrogen (N) and compressed air? Thanks

spring roll says:

which has more pressure to spit the ball out is it HPA or CO2? usig the same tank size

Arman says:

is the tippman a5 a good first gun?

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