Empire 48 Ci 3000 PSI Paintball Tank

To get one of these tanks for you paintball gun set up visit: http://www.ansgear.com/Empire_Aluminum_48_3000_Tank_High_Pressure_Outpu_p/empirealu483khp.htm

For more great products from Empire Paintball check out http://www.ansgear.com/default.asp


ANSgearPaintball says:

You could always replace the bonnet and that should take care of the problem with it threading in.

chefmanmike says:

I own one, its a great inexpensive tank. Just dont drop it on concrete. I did and now its tough to screw in to the asa.

John Knapp says:

I like the regulator on empire tank a lot I’ve owned it for 4 years very consistent and never let me down I use it on my mini GS can’t say that about my ninja Pro regulator though always give me problems and not to consistent

ANSgearPaintball says:

This is not a bad tank at all but I like the Cyclone 48 ci 3000 psi tank thats on our site. Same size and pressure but I like the regulator better because it is more reliable in my opinion.

ANSgearPaintball says:

There are two versions of this bottle. The one you see in the video and the “basic” version. Double check which one you ordered. The rattle you hear is the back check in the fill nipple moving around because there is no pressure in the bottle holding it closed.

Ahmed Khan says:

can i use this on tippmann sierra one?

Erick525 says:

I bought mine online but the top of the regulator is the same black color at the bottle.
ALSO, there is a rattling sound coming from where I believe is the regulator, is the NORMAL?!

One more thing! Why can’t I get on the ANS website?!

Javier Cardoza says:

I have the basic version but where is the date when it was made and when it needs to be tested?

edwin cadena says:

can i max this tank out to 3000 or 800 psi?

ANSgearPaintball says:

They will go on the bottle but for the best fit I would recommend the Exalt 48ci tank covers that are designed to fit bottles like these.

ANSgearPaintball says:

No, tanks are not shipped filled with air for safety reasons.

Landen Albertson says:

Would it work on the azodin kd 2

Jake S. says:

do the 2013 planet eclipse tank covers fit this tank?


is this a good HPA tank to start with?

Jake S. says:

Thankyou, that helped a lot. I will be ordering $515 of gear from ansgear very soon, with the tank and tank cover

Riedel says:

Can you change anything on the tank to make it shoot more balls because my gun says that a 20 oz can shoot up to 1600 balls but this tank holds lot air and is bigger

Joel Moncada says:

Does it work with spyder markers?

michael nguyen says:

will this tank work on the blitz 3?

Paperarmy1 says:

do you know how long is the tank in centimeters?

GreasyGaming says:

Do you think this tank will work fine in the cold?

RS_956 says:

O okay thxs 🙂

Frank Poirier says:

Can I use this tank on a azodin kaos?

Ryann Scottland says:

Don’t worry

Bryan Konopasek says:

How many ounces is it??

RS_956 says:

Does it come fill with air ????

Garrett Reagan says:

I orderd this and they sent me co2 empire tank when I paid for an hpa ( thanks Amazon )

Ryann Scottland says:

What’s it’s length and width

ANSgearPaintball says:

It is about 11 in long and maybe 4-5 in wide

David Benjamin says:

Is this Co2 or HPA??

Samuel Madera says:

can this tank be use with a dangerouse power e1??

Based_Moses 626 says:

steel or aluminum

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