Empire Compressed Air Paintball Tank

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poky sanchez says:

Which do u recommend the most

Nate Hadley says:

I like the length the 48 looks like it has.

Ben Jensen says:

the silver piece on the end in front of the asa started screwing off but I immediately tightened it after I saw it what would have happened if the that part got unscrewed? 

ANSgearPaintball says:

It is roughly the same shape as the Ninja 68/4500.

ANSgearPaintball says:

It is unsafe to do this.

stromy47 says:

I got this for free at a raffle 😀

Beto Ruiz says:

around how many shots can i get with Empire 88/4500 Compressed Air Paintball Tank with the spyder electra 08

ANSgearPaintball says:

It is a good reg, I would say that Ninja is the best but this is close behind.

EvanRapidFire says:


ANSgearPaintball says:

Guessing around 1100-1300 shots, hard to say but I think that is a reasonable estimation.

Justin Black says:

I just got one of these can I only fill it up to the 4 or can it go higher?

tutositos says:

well, it works technically, i did this, but … dont know if it will work or maybe ruin my tank, im trying to figure this out before i fill it with air tomorrow.

PurplePotions says:

Hey my
Regulater says its at the 0 area and when I put it in my gun it’ll blow air from the chamber! Is it from the air being low or I need to fix something on my gun ??

Aaron G says:

It says on your web site that it is 9.5 inch, is that with the regulator?

KatanaPaintball says:

Great tank, use one myself.

mentalseaturtle says:

I love you ans gear


so its made of aluminium but with a carbon fibre look to it? regardless, whats the life span on these tanks? i hear that carbon fibre tanks has a life span of 10-15 years from some peers while aluminium has pritty much a lifetime span

ANSgearPaintball says:

Yes it is with the regulator

ANSgearPaintball says:

No to do that you need a Ninja pro regulator or a Myth G2 regulator

Tech Ball5 says:

Can you lower the output pressure

Ethan Evans says:

I have an empire tank and something blew in my reg and I’m not sure what to do or what should I go please help me anyone

ben daniels says:

Is the reg adjustable

ANSgearPaintball says:

They offer a low pressure kit for it but you can not adjust it to multiple different pressures like the Ninja’s.

Mike Douglas says:

How many shots do i get out of it?

zack holt says:

my looks like it’s getting cracks all over dose it matter but other then that i love it best tank for the price

tutositos says:

can i adjust the fill niplle’s position by unscrewing the bonnet and moving it to the place i want and then screwing it back ?

Josh Gonzalez says:

What does the price go for

ANSgearPaintball says:

we love you too

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