First Strike Guerrilla Aluminum Air Tank – Review

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Isiah Munoz says:

Would u recommend these over the older guerrilla aluminum tanks ?

Emperor Palpatine says:

The tip on my air tank where the threads are are shaking and when I screw it into my paintball marker air leaks out

Bert439 says:

I’m rocking my 13ci with my T15 I’m glad to know the 26ci is almost as light

Chase Loughlin says:

Trying to buy 62/3000 aluminum tank and it asks what regulator pressure kit I want????? I have an invert mini and don’t know which one to get. Please help.

Chase Loughlin says:

The ASA on a mini is always supposed to be at 200. Is this the same thing or not?

RichieBlaz3 says:

great tank for the price cant beat it! only a few ounces more than the carbon fiber but 1/3rd of the price!

Nicholas Memenza says:

I’m gonna use this for airsoft

machine9un kill says:

will the 38/3000 fit on a tippmann 98? plz help

Drmcfloopy Mcfloopfloop says:

Doesn’t fit in my paintball gun

Mystic Gamer says:

How many shots for a 48 Ci


On the smallest of the tanks you show in this video, do you also make one that’s a little longer that is rated at 4500 psi? I think I’ve seen them on Ebay but I don’t know if you guys make them or if it’s some Chinese company or what. I’m just wanting to increase my shot count with a tank of the same diameter that’s maybe two or three inches longer; and it has to be this same smaller diameter or it won’t work for my PCP airgun application.

boredbum2009 says:

So I’m getting a GOG eXTCy would this be a good pair for the gun and if so what should I go for a 48? A 62? What would you guys suggest and would I have to worry about needing to get a pressure kit?

Martin Elizabeth says:

How much preassure aTippmann 26ci HPA Aluminum Tank resist? I AM TALKING JUST ABOUT THE TANK ITSELF, THANKS.

J and D Paintball says:

Would the 48/3000 fit the azodin blitz 3

MrJmak223 says:

Is there a video/write up on how to remove and shim the regulator for a higher Psi output?

GIRi8 13 says:

How long is the 30.5ci tank?

Jonathan Guadian says:

for the last tank what number is the dial supposed to be on the preasure gauge plz help

MoNsTeR Gaming and sportd says:

I’m jyst wandering what’s the shot count it the 48 aluminum bottle

BlackRiderPB says:

How many shots off a hero 62ci for a dye m2? And there HPA right?

Justin Smith says:

What’s the difference in ci besides size? Does it hold less air?

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