Giveaway: Guerrilla Air Myth G2 Regulator & Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank Review and Testing

Guerrilla is giving away a Tank and reg… details at the end of the vid.

We review the Guerrilla Air Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank and Myth G2 with the flush burst disks. The Myth G2 is completely adjustable. 48/4500 is the size we are testing. This is the new all black with the Gorilla face on it. Nice and compact and light. Some Myth regs in the past have had a pinging noise, but this one did not. That’s a thumbs up for the lack of pinging noise. Pretty good balance on the Ego we used it on.

The first tank comparison is a 45/4500 Draxxus tank ..the second is a Crossfire 68/4500. The white tank is a 45/4500 Legionair.

We zoom-in and show you how to adjust it to where you want it. It takes 3 full turns, just like Todd Martinez showed us. It took us a bit more since we tried to have it on camera zoomed in and keep it in recording place, but it should be easier for you. Once you do that and get it loose, you can turn and adjust the sleeve to get it where you want it. Then you need to make sure to tighten it back up all the way or it will spin on you. Make it tight and snug. The gauge and fill nipple then move to the position you want! This is great so that it doesn’t dig into your wrist or skew your shooting.

Shoots great. Nice balance between the marker and tank. It looks slick too!

Stay tuned to the end for a cool surprise from Guerrilla Air…

Guerrilla Air’s video channel:


Air Force Buff Dude says:

i should win because i need a new tank

eatsleepplayrepeat says:

I want my regulator to have an output of 350psi for my X7 Phenom. How do I do this?

s13coupelove says:

lol look at that old guy fumble that precious ego around lol

Social Paintball says:

Winner has been chosen… Winners notified.

MrPaintballisawsome says:

That is the sickest looking gun ever

QQOOYY says:

you fail at walking

Paintballreviews101 says:

Hey ill buy the tank for $70

Tom Von says:

2:42 hahahahahha feels soooo good :L

Fyifootballplay IL says:

Hey Travis , just looking around and came across your video of the the tank. My son does not have a tank in mind yet , but was asking about the review on the high pressure tank – ( 1st and only gun is a (pmr 2009) Dye / Proto Matrix Rail 2009.

POOPMOM3 says:

no ping cuz you shot it before you shot the vid

tony mendoza says:

would this be good for a dp g4

jacdc202 says:

* * Hi noobie here, I was wondering if all C02 tanks were universal? For example could I use the tank in this vid for my Tippmann marker?? plz reply thanks * *

Isaac Errington says:

Thanks dude!

baconator490 says:

@Neonztar14 thats only for the myth g2 regulator

Music-State says:

can you still enter for the tank?

derek torres says:

Is this tannk lightweight?

Felix Q says:

i more like the gun.
give me that 😀

Social Paintball says:

Guerrilla Doesnt sell guns. That gun was Travis personal gun.

Jared Hamburg says:

Who won?

Dawn Matthews says:

my guerrilla tanks gauge just blew out fucking random ass shit

gamboa1997 says:

Im selling a guerrilla 50/4500 with tank cover $115 shipped.

Social Paintball says:

The tank comes with an allen key with a hole in it to make it easy to adjust.

xOmgitzWill says:

How many paintballs can it shoot before it runs out of air???? plz respond

lowclasshammock says:

I would like to win because I’ve never owned a new tank, always had to buy used or rent. A new tank like this would be an awesome boost to my game!

Tancrad says:

i would not mind the gauge up and the nipple down, as long as its not digging my wrist. just need a nipple cover

Airb0y44 says:

ninja 13ci or guerilla 13ci?

Anton says:

I cant decide between a Guerrilla 48/4500 or a Ninja 50/4500 :S

CrewDDD says:

hey i know im only 13 and only playing rec ball but i have a eteck 2 and i have to borrow the fields tank so it would be really nice if i got this tanl please consider me thanks

POOPMOM3 says:

@zZHunt3rZz shut up you dick mouth

Foxguns99 says:

I should win this tank because I currently only have a small tank that gets around 500 shots and if I win this tank I would have more mobility and more shots which would keep me in the game longer and help me move around faster since its light and small.

s13coupelove says:

look at this old guy fumble that precious ego around LOL

Isiah Pires says:

I want this gun because i am a beginner and just got my first gun and need a better Tank just brought the US Army Project Salvo Tactical Marker

Chasem1916 says:

What does the 45 out of 4500 mean and the same thing about 68 out of 4500 ???

adam williams says:

i think i should win this tank because i am new to paintball iv just been playin for about 1 yea and i am going to join a team this summer, the reason why i should win this tank is because i am going to get a dp g4, it is extremly light and i think it would fit and feel grate for the upcoming practices and tournaments.
that is why i should win this tank

Blake Burns says:

i should win cause i play woodsball and it would piss people off to use a airball gun

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