Guerrilla Air 13 Ci 3000 PSI Paintball Tank

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Ben Taylor says:

How often does this tank need to be hydro tested ? Cheers

Lukasz Plewa says:

How many shots can u get with this tank will it fit Azodin blitz

Modern PB says:

Is it okay to keep my empty hpa tank screwed into my market when storing?

John Sanders says:

could you connect it to the back of a tpx pistol and if so a rough shot count

Bob Billy says:

how many shots could i get with a spider hammer 7

Ballogabear says:

I play speedball should I get this I dont play pump

thentantt says:

I’m looking for a tank for one of my airsoft shotguns, being I cant have anything exceeding over 100psi could this tank be set to that? Being it has a built in regulator. If so would I just need to buy a line from this to my gun and I’m good to go?

bsan408 says:

I just want to shout out that this tank or all 13 ci tank is great for pump or mag-fed.
lol I used it with my x7 phenom and I was out of air before my hopper empty out. O_o

ejnf qwd says:

How much shots would a 17ci/3000psi air tank get, filled with hpa? Mind you 17ci not 13ci

Jake Thew says:

About how many shots do you think you could get out of this tank?

ANSgearPaintball says:

Less then one. A 48 ci 3000 psi tank will only give you around 300-400 shots.

chefmanmike says:

If you own a TPX, this tank with a remote is the bees knees.

Em0rTa1xKILLA says:

i need a tank should i get this for woodsball

Ballogabear says:

Sorry but about how many 200 round hoppers would this get out not to be pushy or anything?

joe v says:

how many shots with a m17 cqc?

Bert439 says:

Would this work well with a tippmann 98C. I really don’t want a lot of weight on my arms

firebirdjimbo says:

13ci tanks usually never have to be rehydro’d also. thats a huge plus.

Stuart says:

will you ship a hpa tank to canada

marthana80 says:

this  tank dont have o be  rehidrotested rigth?

attemptattingles says:

I play airsoft and use a custom sniper using very small amount of air is there any tanks that are possibly smaller then this?

Luke Heafield says:

This doesn’t have to be hydrodynamic

ANSgearPaintball says:

You will not get enough shots out of this tank to play speedball.

martin manzano says:

Do they expire like the other hpa thank????

Saqi S says:

could you do a video on  Milsig 10ci/3000psi ?

The Agent Of Death says:

what is the thread of the bulb

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