Guerrilla Air 48/3000 and 62/3000 Steel Tank Unboxing – Official Badlands Paintball

Mike from Badlands takes a look at the new steel tanks from Guerrilla Air. Shaped like a carbon fiber tank, the new Guerrilla Air steel tanks will be able to use your favourite carbon fiber tank accessories!

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Dylan Rider says:

These tanks are $100 less

bountyhuntersam says:

Which Is better?

Brian_Schr25 says:

Would the 62 tank work with the coil remote with slide check and Qd and can you get more shots of with the 62 other than a 48

thepineaushow says:

Hey love the video! Ive been looking at this tank for a long time and its nice to finally see a good review on it! I was hoping to see a review on a tippmann gryphon.

Jaedyn Graham says:

how do you fill them up do you need to go to the paintball store or can you fill it up at home with a compresser

Isiah Munoz says:

What does 3000 psi mean ?

MadWorks Media says:

just get a carbon fiber. These tanks aren’t worth it.

Mike Douglas says:

How many shots do i get out of the 62/3000 ?

Jason Wilson says:

Great Video i really want the tank im just a bit worried about how many times i will have to refill ill be playing rec ball and maybe a speedball game very now and then with a proto rail maXXed.Coming from a guy from the U.S it would be great to play in canada.

Maple Leaf says:

could you guys make a video with a carbon fiber tank and this tank like side by side and weight diffrence

david smith says:

what kind of tank cover could i get for the 48/3000 tank please reply and thanks

Brian_Schr25 says:

I am planning on getting the spyder mr6 I am just starting to get into paintball would the 62 be a good choice

Jared Thompson says:

so if im 5″5 i should get the 48/3000

RobbyOwnz says:

do a tippmann a5 maintenance video

Ritzdokov says:

Hey are the threads supposed to move?
i have the 48 and i dont want to use it until i know its safe.

Julianna Crowder says:

Will this work with the planet eclipse etha?

SavageAnimalsPb says:

review btslice g36 ??

Floki Loki says:

I have the same question

dyllman98 says:

with these tank you’ll probably get about 650-700 shots

Anthony Mannarino says:

I know they are steel but do the shoot compressed air

Andrew Smith says:

hey im 12 years old and I LOVE playing snake Im average size for a 12 year old so what size tank should I get thankyou

NME Binoo says:

Killing for Badlands Paintball, No Mercy Elite Paintball Team

R-A Bros Backup says:

Does it come with the tank filler?

AirsoftGhillie says:

Best tank cover for the 48/3000 tank ?

FourV3 says:

Would you recommend the 62ci for someone who is 6 foot 2 inches?

RyanXO says:

Do emp vanquish unboxing/ review/ maintenance 🙂

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