Guerrilla Air Compressed Air Tanks – Review

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Legendary Uploads says:

So if I buy a tank from this video it comes with a regulator built on so I don’t have to buy one?

John Ras says:

There are a lot of peeps looking for these tanks for PCP AirGuns , same 4500 psi tanks just higher pressure regulators , do you carry them and can you do a video on the PCP ,3k Regulators for the 4500psi tanks !? Thanks for the videos!

Liam Casadei says:

What would work good for the tippman 98

stupiddumbtard79 says:

Thanks a ton bro. Best customer service ever. Recommend you guys to everyone

Dashie HAAAAP! says:

Do you have to get a special air compressor to fill compressed air tanks? will I be able to fill a compressed air tank up at my local field?

Robert Sanchez Jr. says:

Ans gear plz answer I’m a 5,4 13yr old kid should I get 68/4500 or 48/4500 ?

Shumitu says:

Hi. I am buying etek 5 next week and i have question about tank for it. Which one would be better? Guerrilla tank 48ci / 3000 psi or tank 48ci / 4500 psi? Thanks.

red reaper245 says:

ans gear i am just getting started in paint ball but how many paintballs will the 62ci tank shoot

TREV Boarding says:

are all tank o rings the same? how do i know which one to get? I have a Pure Energy 68/3000

Kinglion 15055 says:

Guys, I need help, my godfather bought me a 48ci and a D3DY Conquest and i’m not sure if its the right tank and if it is i might need an adapter

OfficerGiggity says:

Im buying a tippmann gryphon for my son wondering if a compressed air tank will work for it or should i only use Co2 for the gryphon.

TheWinner287 says:

What is the difference between 48/3000 and 68/3000. And what extra do i get if i move to 48/4500
What does it do?
I dont run HPA, but im thinking of going to it with my GBB MP7

Mattlah12 says:

I got the 48 3000 tank it’s aluminum is it good enough to run with a mini gs which I’m buying here soon or should I get a carbon bottle

Paintball Noob says:

How much does the 48/3000 and the 48/4500 weigh in this video ?

Cjay Cooper says:

what would work good for my tippman us army elite?

andrewsheldonreeves says:

I got the 100 CI because it’s hard to get HPA where I live so I just run a load bearing vest and strap the tank to my back. This works well and I never run out of air to shoot people with. I like to shoot people with paint balls.

Ethan Tidwell says:

I’m new to hpa for airsoft and I’m thinking on turning my green gas gun to hpa what so I need for it

obando guerrero says:

can i use any of this tanks on a project salvo

Jizzly bear says:

Can I use these with a bt omega

Oscar Gallegos says:

I have a GoG Extcy, which one would work best for it?

Isiah Munoz says:

Aluminum and steel are the same thing right ? Like weight n stuff ? And what does “psi” mean ? Cubic inch means the size of the tank right ? I’m interested in buying a steel/aluminum tank cuz I don’t want to use co2 anymore but I also don’t want to spend over 100 bucks on a nice lightweight carbon fiber tank

stupiddumbtard79 says:

Would you happen to know what all I need to get in order to fill our own tanks for the crew and I. Only one place around here to fill the hpa and that place isnt so close. Like 40 min away

Ricardo Bermuda says:

I just bought a tippmann Cronus will anyone of these tanks work ?

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