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But which one? For most people a 68cu 4500psi is the best sized carbon fiber tank there is, but there is so much more to it than that! Erik walks you through all the things to consider when it comes to dropping $150-200 on a killer compressed air or HPA paintball tank.

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The FancyPants says:

whats the difference between the 3000 and the 4500. do some require the 3000 and some guns require the 4500

payton nelson says:

love your video’s

Thomas Jefferson says:

Whatever you do don’t get a 62/3000 lol.

evanmyers4 says:

what tank should i get for a proto reflex rail ?

Serge Adalian says:

i dont get why tanks are so expencive i mean i whould go for like a 24 ounce but why like a 100 bucks for like a ninja 3000 psi tank

Zoxai says:


Bobcraft Gaming says:

Crocker trying to explain the women thing was hilarious

Littleshy gaming says:

what tank should i get for a Spyder E99

Samuel North says:

How would u hold a 88 if it’s too big?


hey how tall are u in the vid if u dont mind? just to gauge what we need to get

Krampus69a7x _ says:

I just want to say I’m a small guy I’m 14 and I play snake so I need to use a peanut tank but for all you other people out there that are looking to buy one don’t be disappointed when you spent $200 from a tank you don’t like

Togethur says:

Hey, I’ve been using an A-5 for awhile with a CO2 Tank (24oz) It’s to long. My arms stick out to far because the Tank is to long. I just picked up an Empire Axe and now I need a HPA Tank. Is the 77ci shorter than the 24oz CO2 Tank by Empire?

Myles Braverman says:

I have a Tippman A-5 And have been looking at tanks. I am an average sized 12 year old and Im the captain of a woodsball team. We used to only play splatmaster but the rules have changed and real pb guns with hpa is allowed now. What would be a good size tank that will give me enough air to play for a few hours without changing, fit my size body, and last a long time?

thewolfsden says:

I’m doing some testing, How many shots did you guys get from the 100??

Pit bike Adventures says:

Would a 38 peanut tank be good for me I am 12 and 4 12 in height

Vic da G says:

can i refill the tank myself once i purchase it??? how do we refill these and whats the charge? i noticed theres no gauge on the 68cu 4500psi ninja.

Drew altic says:

I have a empire axe I’m 14 5’11 what tank should I get?

Derek. John Carreon says:

Thankyou I learn alot of what best tank for you.

avidityCS says:

im 5’5 13 and growing fast which tank should i get?

Paintball Noob says:

How many shots would I expect to get on an Axe with a 68/4500 compared to a 48/3000 ?

Carter Byers says:

Do hpa tanks work for any guns? I’m looking at a tipmann Cronus tactical, looking at a tank that would not get in the way of using the stock but have enough air to last a few games in a row

Myles Braverman says:

also… should i buy a regulator for my tank

SouthernBelles says:

stuff kinda gets in the way

SirVapingAlot says:

I have an empire dfender. what tank would you suggest? I have a remote line and tactical vest. mainly woodsball!

Kaylob Carnley says:

I’m 5’11 and have a got extcy what kind of tank should I get? I need help

Dylan Rider says:

I am 4 Foot 10 
Tight Budget
Would a Guerrilla Air 48ci Pro 3000 PSI Round M3 Paintball Tank Be Good

Krowns says:

hey man im a beginner mostly getting my own setup so i dont have to rent out anymore whenever i go just playing for fun, id like something smaller just so it doesnt get in the way too much but at the same time idk if it might end up being too small you mnow? but between these which one would you think would be better? first strike compressed air aluminum 62/3000 or first strike compressed air 48/3000, or a ninja aluminum compressed air 48/3000 tank or is there something else youd recommend?

Connor Kramer says:

I’m a short teenager and I’m trying to find a tank. And I’m debating on a 68/4500 or a 50/4500. And next should I get a ninja sl or a normal tank

Jefferson Johnson says:

Hey, thanks for the video man, it really helps. But I was wondering, I’m 5 ft, so what would u recommend. I saw another video, and the guy said for people my size I should get a 50, and i though maybe even the 48. I also want this tank to go with my Empire Axe marker. I went to a local field and played, and i’m pretty sure i played with a rental tank that was bigger than a 48. So what size tank would u recommend for me and my Empire Axe? Also, what brand would u recommend for the tank , guerrilla, ninja, empire etc. Thanks again!

Irene Infante says:

rip this channel

Ana Luisa Jimenez says:

which tank is best for a mini gs

Shift Team Mari says:

Im 5’8 and i am a pretty big guy . What is a good tank for me ? Im not looking to spend over 80

Mathew Abello says:

Im 5 10 what tank should i get

abel N says:

ninja sl 77/4500 with the pro v2 FTW

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