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My name is Mike Peverill. I’m here at Pev’s Paintball Park in Aldie, Virginia. I’ve been playing paintball nearly 30 years. I’ve played professional paintball with numerous pro teams all over the world. This facility here was built from the ground up for paintball, kind of like a paintball Disney Land. Our website is Hopefully you can come out and visit us sometime.

Connecting an air tank to a paintball gun is not a hard thing to do, but most people, they don’t really understand what’s happening because they hear the air escaping and they feel like something’s wrong, and vice versa.

So what happens is, you’ve gotta remember, on a paintball tank, you have these O rings on the end, and the O rins is what’s gonna make the seal complete. If the O rings go bad, then the seal’s gonna be bad, and you’re gonna be leaking air. So it’s very important that when you put the tank on the gun, you make that complete seal. And I’m gonna show you taking a tank off why it’s important to do certain things so you don’t blow your O rings, because eventually that can be a costly mistake because you’re always replacing O rings. And imagine if you’re out somewhere, and you’re taking your tank off, and then you blow the O ring, and you don’t have any more O rings, then you’re not playing, because without the air you’re done for the day. You may have to drive somewhere to get a new O ring.

So anyhow, screwing on the tank is simple. Line the threads up, make sure they’re straight. As you turn it, make sure you feel it connect in there, because you don’t wanna strip the threads. So once you feel it going in the right way, take it all the way in (I just heard the gun pressurize), finish it off, now it’s to the end. Now it’s got a complete seal, it’s done. Ready to go. Ready to fire.

Now, taking the paintball tank off, what I tell people all the time is “Remember, don’t just unscrew it until it’s all done.” Unscrew it about a half a turn, and then start firing your gun. As you fire your gun, unscrew it, there you go. It takes the pressure off the valve. Unscrews, and now we’re done.

Now, what people typically do that you don’t wanna do is just start unscrewing, and then you’ll hear an air blast. What happens is there’s air trapped in the gun. If there’s so much pressure in the paintball gun locked in these hoses, it’ll take forever to escape, so that’s why you want to pull the trigger as you’re firing. When you pull the trigger as you’re firing it takes the pressure off the valve, it adds longevity to the pin valve on your tank, and saves you O rings.


Austin Chang says:

Sir .. Will u donate me a ninja air tank of 4500 psi please

Overwxtch says:

Umm my co2 just starts spraying…..

Nicolas Altenderfer says:

Should you take the co2 tank out of the paintball gun when you’re not using it?

Billy George says:

Can you do that with pump

arturo balvino says:

So my tank is a 300 psi and it’s full of air, what if I wanna take it off? Can something happen?

Ricky Romero says:

what do i do if when connecting the air tank to the gun , the tank goes really cold , help please

SLEEPYYY 13 says:

Can I leave my co2 tank on my gun if I’m not using it? Will it still waste?

Mr.Potato Head says:

um my tank won’t come out

steven Redondo says:

Is it bad for the co2 to get on your skin

atomic monkey says:

this guy is so helpfull I’m gonna drive to Virginia now

Emperor Palpatine says:

When I screw the air tank on my marker air starts leaking I’m not sure where it comes from but the threads are lose can anyone help?

budojon says:

but this is not necessary for my etek5, since it has an asa, right?

gtadude24245 says:

my tank doesn’t like release the co2 my gun is beeping but there’s no air

Lol frf says:

Plz tell me I need this answer idk what to do…I can’t even use my paintball gun

The_Gangsta_Cat says:


Jose Ferreira says:

can i fill up the air tank with a compressor?

Lol frf says:

Is it bad if ur co2, squirts out liquid fast out of of BOTTOM LINE CONSTANT AIR ADAPTER… It has two who’s on it and it came like that…so I know its not messed up….well every time I connect my co2 it sprays like scrazy

Spencer Son says:

I found an old paintball gun, I have a tank and when I try to screw it in it just keeps spraying air, any help?

Nate S. says:

i guess i watched this a bit too late, well, ill know for next time

Steve Bautista says:

thanks man I would have blown off a ring

fights says:

were can i buy the o rings

Mathieu Delage says:

Thank you very much for this usefull information. I cannot express enough how much learning how to remove this thing got me out of trouble. – My regards

Ethan Cala says:

What is the ASA on a paintball gun, I’m getting the invert mini I need to know before I get it.

bacon Bliss says:

ps is real website apparently wow

Affinity says:

If your tank has an on/off asa you should turn the asa off, furthermore stopping the release of air/co2. Then fire the marker unit it doesn’t fire, then unscrew your hpa/co2 tank and your done!

deathgrip03 says:

i have a on off switch on my paintball gun how in the world dose it work

robert maxfield says:

can I use a co2 tank for oxygen and is hpa compressed air  and if so what can I buy to compress it myself hosewise

bacon Bliss says:

did not know that

Phoenix Marzrover says:

Just turn off your tank valve and then fire the gun to relive pressure and turn on valve when tank is on gun

RadTrash McRadical says:

my gun came with a CO2 tank.  can I hook up a compressed air tank anyway?

CanadianAirsoft says:

Thank you this was very helpful

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