How to Fill Your Paintball Tank (Compressed Air) | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

Tony walks through the steps to correctly use an air station and fill your compressed air tanks.


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Founded in 1987, Lone Wolf Paintball is still Southeastern Michigan’s premiere paintball supplier. Originally opened by one man whose only motivation at the time was to get discounted merchandise for him and his friends, Lone Wolf has evolved into a multi-location business serving thousands of players every year. The first Lone Wolf playing field was opened on the property of the Bristol Apple Orchard in 1988 in Almont, Michigan. For over 12 years Lone Wolf began to build its clientele and customer base before moving on and expanding to several locations.

Pro Shop / Main Office — Clinton Township

The Pro Shop and Main Office is located on the south side of Hall Road (M-59) between Groesbeck Hwy (M-97) and Gratiot Ave (M-3). If you’re heading east bound on Hall Road, you will make a right hand turn onto Vic Wertz Drive (one street before Morley Drive) and follow that street until it turns into Reynolds Drive.

Phone: (586) 463-9500
Fax: (586) 463-9503

44323 Reynolds Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48036

Lone Wolf Mt Clemens — Outdoor Play Field

Lone Wolf East is located right on the property of the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt Clemens. From I-94 use exit # 237 for North River Road. Enter in through the main gates of the Gibraltar Trade Center and the registration area will be located on the left hand side. Please keep in mind that Gibraltar does charge $2 per car for parking and that fee is not waived for paintball patrons.

237 North River Road
Mt Clemens, MI 48043

Lone Wolf Metamora — Outdoor Play Field

Located behind the Cascadden Lounge of the east side of Lapeer Road, approximately 17 miles north of the Palace of Auburn Hills.

4099 Lapeer Road
Metamora, MI 48455

Lone Wolf Clinton Township — Indoor Play Field

The Lone Wolf Paintball Indoor Field is located on the south side of Hall Road (M-59) between Groesbeck Hwy (M-97) and Gratiot Ave (M-3). If you’re heading east bound on Hall Road, you will make a right hand turn onto Vic Wertz Drive (one street before Morley Drive) and follow that street until it turns into Reynolds Drive.

44323 Reynolds Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48036


sydney says:

I wanna know how I do this at home with my new marker so I can try it out or where to go

Gladys Zuniga says:

Can you use a air compressed air tank in a gun that came with a co2 tank

Papa Coop says:

Finally this video helped me so much

Wendya001 edward001 says:

you need to go hwy 77

Tech Geek / Car Enthusiast says:

Can I fill my 3000psi tank with a tire inflator? Or does it need to be from a special machine?

Chris Pacheco says:

That looks to hard

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

No paintball tanks are steel. Those are DOT stamped 3AL. AL is Aluminum.

Arden Khamnouane says:

Which pump should I use though?

Activejona Ac says:

Is a tippman air tank 20oz good for spyder victor paintball gun

Jack Kenny says:

Can i use a motorized compressed air machine to fill the compressed air tank?

Chase Crews says:

lone wolf can you use tire air pump and it work??

RoyalRedPB says:

Glad this is out now for the new players !

Team Insanity Paintball says:

Thank God. I can now play paintball again

Sniper_Kid_308 says:

Can you use a craftsman air compressor? I have one in my garage and im not sure if i can fill my tank with it

james chang says:

hows it going how about showing us your compressor set up not just the big metal box but the big tank and your compressor unit in the other room thank you jim

Rico Telles says:

How to fill a CO2 tank

Damian Samuell says:

Hi lone wolf how can u check the day your hydro expires in your ninja

Nam Nguyen says:

So does that mean you guys get free air? Cause the place closes to me, you have to pay for refills.

Kevin Sherman says:

Should the tank itself feel cold while shooting?

Gilbert Trinidad says:

Thank you. I will ALWAYS have the fear of it exploding lol.

Dirk says:

Where do you get that nifty little locking protector?

Airsoft Tech 29 says:

Hey is there anyway I can fill a paintball tank up with my air compressor?

Jose Lopez says:

Im getting started to play speedball and i recently bought a 68/4500 tank and i have a question, my local field has a air compressor that only fills up to 3000 psi, is it safe to atleast fill my tank to 3000 psi? Are there any risks or anything i should know? Please reply ive been looking everywhere for answers and i haven’t found anything

Boscar Recks says:

is it bad to fill your tank all the way up?i have a 50/4500 ninja tank

Alex Slusariec says:

Hey, i was wondering , what type of air compressor are you using, since it charged both of the tanks relatively fast? Time is money for me so I would be glad to hear an answer, thx.And also would a different type of air compressor with a 300bar capacity do the same job in approximately the same time ?

reed wetzel says:

My local field somehow has a limit system to only allow up 3000 psi on all tanks no matter what size

Towle Boothe says:

Hi I just started a paintball YouTube channel check it out

Motor rider says:

I don’t like holding it good way to loose a hand

Brice Donegia says:

What’s that Nipple cover

Toufique E Joarder says:

A quick question, how many shots can I expect from a 4500 tank?

Mikaël Provencher says:

“3000k tank” my sides are gone to space

FaZe Mouse says:

I hate when experienced players laugh or just watch a rental or new player fail at filling their tank and I’m just like damn just FREAKING HELP THEM!!

Lood801 says:

Great video! What type of air compressor are you using?

Francis Santiago says:

Before refilling a tank should I degas my gun or can I keep it gas up? Thank you.

ExonicSkull says:

I don’t have one of those things I will just keep buying tanks

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