JT Outkast Ready To Play Paintball Gun Kit – Review

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LetsPlay OrNot says:

Today’s my birthday and I’m getting this but I want to know what is the biggest size co2 tank it can hold?

Alex Garcia says:

wat caliber ammo

Andrew Riley says:

Can I make this automatic? Please reply

Trevor David says:

This is a very durable gun i dived with it fell with it and nothing happend and very low maintenance and shoots with 100% no ball chop really really good gun for the price.PS I had it for about a year

Austin Kendall says:

is this better than the tippman gryphon

Emperor Palpatine says:

Can this use compressed air?


I got one a hour ago

Cristian Villasenor says:

Hey man, I have this gun and the barrel doesn’t function, do you have any idea if I can replace or do you know what barrel to replace it with? Thank you

Horatio Fields says:

Is there a scope for this marker

Ryan Marek says:

My jt outkast will click a few times before it actually fires, how do I fix this?

Hamish Doogan says:

Can you attach a stock on it??

DominickPanda101 says:

nt shoot the paint it comes with it breakes in the gun and u have to clean it after 3 shots 2 of ten balls actually shot the others broke in the gun so buy a case of paint

Cringy Videos says:

Is the mask lens fog resistant

Zander Smith says:

Don’t get one of these you pay so much for a plastic piece of crap that had too many issues so just stick with the name brands

Tremain Mitchell says:

About how many shoots before you need to replace the co2

Jake W. says:

hey just asking I just bought this gun and am i able to add some sort of scope or stock to it?

Bryan Jimenez says:

I got it for my birthday

Bboyturbo11 says:

good for speedball?

Cringy Videos says:

Can the gun take compressed air tanks too?

Arian Esparza says:

can u buy a 2 piece barrel for this gun

madda2012 says:

do all guns shoot the same power/distance ?

Hayden Etheridge says:

Wht paintballs 0.50 0.68???????

Jordan Zlotolow says:

pos no range and co2 empties fast but accurate up close get a Spyder instead

jetboy cluzzhd says:

Is a good gotcha?

Samuel Borissenkosamuel says:

I got this same gun but it shoots 2 even 3 balls at a time… How can i fix this.

robo3541 says:

Hey i have a problem at first the gun worked fine but now i only get 1 or 2 shots then i have to kock it again. Is there an easy solution or do i buy a new gun

Lavneh says:

Can you take off the co2 tank when it still has air in it

That Guy Ry says:

what does it mean when you shoot the paintball gun and at the end it starts shooting rapidly but no paintballs come out i was just shooting it and it happened could it just be that im almost out of co2

Skully_97 says:

will this last a long time might go paintball for the 2 time i want to own one this looks pretty cool 

Jordan Zlotolow says:

yes takes compressed are w little adaptor

Nathaniel Ma says:

Hey I was wondering if u can help me out my gun the one in the video it smokes out the barrel and sometimes shoots 2 at a time anyone know what’s wrong

milimacha the strange says:

this is what I would classify as a bastard gun

Jet Jenkins says:

Hey, my mom bought 2 of these for my little brothers for Christmas, will it take a regular 9 oz refillable tank once that disposable one is a paperweight?

typical gamer says:

This or e icon

Carlos Quintero says:

can you dada stock ON IT

bryan alberto ibarra says:

can you put an air compress tank?

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