Leaving Air In Your Compressed Air Tank – Paintball QT

DoubleDPB – When you’re done playing paintball, is it best to store your compressed air tank full or empty?

Schizo85 – Do you think pop valve guns are Dead? Will Planet Eclipse, ever make a new Ego?

Jason Francisco – Hey Brad, I just picked up and A5 and I was thinking about getting an Apex or Flatline, which would you recommend?


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Mikey Ramsey says:

Differences in bolt systems, between gtek 160r, dye M2, CS1, and luxe ICE? What do you prefer and why? #PBQT

Ignite Paintball says:

#PBQT halo too or ltr
Also for a GoPro barrel mount in side of mask mount like the mount on the i5

Trey Henry says:

thehuskeyk9 that makes no sense

Dylan Djoparto says:

hey man.. what to chose tippman cronus or a tippman 98 wich ones better??..

Richard D says:

wallll so everything is pretty much moving to spool valves? I just recently got back into paintball and I’m trying to keep up with the information

John Foreman says:

Axe Drivetrain in-line poppet / spool hybrid FTW, even over the Gamma Core, IV Core… as the AR/AK of the paintball world. Tube stacked poppets will be craft guns Lv1 style from here on IMHO.

mbsale15 says:

do you think empire is going to come out with a new axe pro this year?

playbro792 says:

you have caterpillar eyebrows

Drew Gugin says:

I have a guerrilla tank and the regulator is really unreliable. I have been thinking about buying a new regulator for my tank but I am unsure if any regulator will work. If I were to buy any other regulator(at 4500) for it, would it work?

RoomierLight says:

400 dollar etha 2 vs used local etek 5 for 365

NickThe Paintballer says:

I just got a axe should I get a Z2 loader or a spire 200

starr shine says:

Do air tanks have a shelf life? 5 years, 10 years before they need to be replaced ?

Michael Dingo says:

another question .. would you rather etek 5 or jt impulse .. ive been told by the only jt impulse owner i know that the impulse performs much more like a true ego than the etek 5 but he could be totally full of bull shitake . any thoughts?

Karniboy says:

Rate my setup

2012 reflex rail dust red/black, red/black Rotor, 68/45 gray ghost, white Grills mask.

Michael Dingo says:

my question is .. with all the revisions and sophistications to the internal regulation of pressure to the firing chamber of the paintball marker, does all these expensive new tank regs really add to the performance of the overall system or is it a marketing gimmick with a placebo effect.

Hector Galvan says:

so leave about 3000 psi is that too much or thats fine? the tank os rated for 4500psi

bryson Scovel wood says:

I’m looking for a paintball gun should I get the azodin kaos or spend the extra 60$ for blitz4

Jonas irvine says:

etek 4 or axe

Jon Ellis says:

Popit vs spool. lets talk relevance. I have an Excalibur (old popit) that can shoot a full pod pack (10 pods). I have a friend that now shoots a Luxe (new spool). he also can shoot his full pod pack (same pack as mine, 10 pods). we both air up in between games because thats what you do. It doesnt matter who has more air at the end, it matters if you can get through your round reliably. In tournaments spools have surpassed popits because they are easy to fix. with a spool you just put a new oring on, grease, and call it good. or when it comes down to it. just pop out the engine and pop a new one in. When it comes to popits you can also just replace orings, grease or oil. but you also have to keep springs, set screws, tolerances depending on the parts you use. down to it. spools are easier to fix with in 5 minutes in the general sense. But i like popits, so i stick to them lol.

Cameron Anderson says:

We’re can you refill your tank at

RiotControled PB says:

How do you live your etek5 and what would you use

Manuel Macias says:

hey hope u doing good i just want to know what are ur thoughts on the vforce profiler or if u can get a review on it or whats better the profiler ot the ascend

Kerry M says:

When everyone thought poppets were a thing of the past, Dynasty goes and wins a tournament with them. I hope manufacturers continue to make poppets, I still feel they are better, faster, and more efficient.

Jake Hord says:

Why don’t u where a jersey at Davis paintball park

maxxon99 says:

The irony of it is that the used price for a LV1 is higher than a used Geo because there are so many more Geos floating around…

Luke Lindsey says:

Could you explain the rules and point system for tournament style game play?

redwingz08 says:

Hey man awesome videos I want to buy an hpa tank and I live in Michigan I was wondering if you knew where I could get them filled other than paintball fields. Thanks!

Schizo85 says:

thanks for showing my question!

C Mclandrich says:

Would love a review/info on 3-5 top paintball glove options. Best protection vs. comfort vs price. I play rec ball and would to not get shot in the hand (happens often) advice welcome : )

ps: love the channel. So helpful as I am a newer player. Thank you!!!

paul otremba says:

What would be a good barrel to improve accuracy on the Empire Mini gs. NO barrel kits plz

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