My NEW Paintball Setup: Gun, Tank and Hopper

My newest complete paintball setup. A year back, I did this exact same video but with my older setup, a Geo 3.5, GI Sportz LVL and 68/4500. Now Ive got the Planet Eclipse CS2, Spire III and Ninja 77 SL2.

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➖ My Paintball Gear ➖
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Andrew L says:

Great video, and godly setup

Big Yeet says:

You should show some gameplay with it as you talk about it too, great video tho

Fizzy Cosine says:

What are your thoughts on the tippmann gryphon I personally run one and I don’t know if I should upgrade?

Dulliest says:

Bet you’d sell it if you saw an Etha 3 comes out lol

John Gotti says:

The new hk army camera mount works amazing on carbon fiber. No slipping issues at all, even with aggressive diving.

Michael Crowder says:

I have almost the same set up as you Brad. My ashes4 cs2 just came in on Friday, and I also use a spire III as well as a 88/4500 first strike hero tank. Used the cs2 in a big game at lone wolf paintball this passed weekend and I absolutely love this gun. It is now my go to gun, and has made my dsr a back up, which is also an amazing gun, especially for under $1,000. Love your videos Brad, keep up the good work man.

Tobias Bründler says:

Dye UL barrel is better anyway 😉

oinks 626 says:

Nice ..

Michael Castillo says:

What happened to your LV1.5?

Kyle M says:

I have downsized to an all black Etha 2, spire IR with speed feed, and Ninja Cerakote 68/4500. Similar just cheaper lol

JBvlogs says:

#PBQT is it worth it to buy a used gun? I currently own a Blitz 3 with a Valken Vmax + and want to upgrade to something like a mini or a maxxed Rize, with a rotor, but I don’t want to buy setup new for 300+ dollars.

Mechunter says:

what mask do you use?

Albert V says:

#pbqt thoughts on smart parts ion. Thanks. Love the vids. Keep it up

Ashraven PB says:

I’ve mounted barrel cams on carbon fiber barrels before and had no issues with it

Theodore Martinez says:

Love it

My name is JEFF says:

Dangerous E2 or azodin blitz 3 answer plz

Franco Baggage says:


Christian Kim says:

Will you ever be reviewing the dangerous power E2?

T Cuv says:

Fire setup Brad! Got a Spire III this season and love it so far. Marker is my next upgrade. Looking at DSR or LV1 next season (I think… in the $1000 range). I have the original Ninja SL 68/45 and its great. Only thing I would change would be to mayyyyybe go to a 77 cause of length but id have to hold one on a gun and try it out.

Victor Ayala says:

Your new cs2 or the lv1.5?

Supreme Gamers says:

Could you do a vid on types of paint

bensonq says:

ughhh been waiting months for mine to come in…

Paintballer 45 Xd says:

Is there any clinics in Los Angeles

jacobee ortega says:

I wish I could have that set up. Cs2 all the way

don contawe says:

Did you ever get a lv1.5?

paintball geek says:

i cant find a spire 3 or should i stay with getting a halo too both would go on my blitz 3 when i get it>note:tell me witch hopper to get somebody

beef boy says:

Do more grenades, smoke grenades plz keep up the good work!

Enano 521 says:

WhAt happen to your lv1.5 I have one also I’m planning on getting a cs2 for Xmas

Liam Lynch says:

Back in black

Andy Ford says:

Great set up

Gustavo Inzunza says:

Would you recommend an armagillo voodo mesh dread instert?

youngandreckless885 says:

Do you still prefer the DSR over the 160r??

P1lzn224otst5op135 Fuck you says:

Love ur setup man, congrats on ur cs2

plz notice me

UCprepperNJ says:

I’m still running a sandridge autococker…I’m stuck in 1998..

mike ouillette says:

What reg do you have on the sl2?

Kyle M says:

Beautiful set up!

Julio López says:

How do you aim on this gun

boyd sheets says:

What’s your backup marker?

reignick1133 says:

Brad you’ve got no worries clamping a GoPro to a carbon fiber barrel, Tensile strength for that weave of carbon fiber is 70% greater than the 6061 aluminum of that Dye Ultralite you have. *If anything you should be more worried about the clamp on the Dye Ultralight than you should the Planet Eclipse FL barrel.*

Ender Bartnik says:

My dream gun 😀

Jose T says:

I have the same exact setup… I removed the leaf spring behind the trigger … Do you think it was a bad idea ….. I really like how the trigger feels without it

Isaiah Hague says:

Can you use dirt bike pants for paintball?!?

Ra-V-en says:

Not a bad way to spend 2grand

Tyler Chedister says:

If you put some 3M double sided tape in between the carbon barrel and the gopro session mount, it will provide a little bit of foamy protection for the carbon. The carbon wont so much crack with that as it will scratch

Jboi Wagner says:

Awesome video keep it up

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