New Ninja SL2 & Lite Compressed Air Tank – Review

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Gavin Correll says:

What kind of tank should I get. I’m 14 and 5’4, I don’t know much about tanks so it hard to find one and also there not a paintball store close to me.
Edit- To get to a paintball store it would take me 1-2 hours to get there

Sean Nguyen says:

Ordered an SL77 last week. Sure looks like I have a new one without the label. The neck is long, skinny and flush with the regulator.

anarchyamp says:

Where are they removing all this material from?? Honestly I’m getting worried, how well is it containing 3-4k of pressure? Too thin and boom, hit it wrong or slide on it and boom. Also very foolish of them to not mark their new bottles

Vy Vu says:

new grey ghost lite are pretty sweet for the price point

Under barrel PB cam says:

Will this apply to the ninja 45 sl?

Joey Ingram says:

I’m 14 what size should o get I’m thinking 68/45

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

you can also tell it’s an SL 2 by the original hydro date. Made after August 2017 is most likely the SL2.

Clorox Bleach says:

Will this apply to tippman cronus?

tylerdevloo says:

So my 05/17 sl68 that I bought a week ago with pro v2 reg weighs 1lb 14.7 ounces. Pretty sure that’s the weight of a regular sl68. But mine looks like it has the long neck on it. Hmm

Omar Gonzalez says:

I need one of these tanks first comment pls

M F says:

regarding the SL1 and SL2 68/4500 weight diff:
(w/out reg) the original SL 68/4500 weighs 1lb11oz. this new SL2 weighs 1lb8oz.
For those of us w/ the old sl1, but newer slim neck, hopefully we did get the sl2, 1lb8oz version since we paid the price of an sl2. customers should not have to pay the same price for an older, heavier sl1 as the newer lighter sl2.

Trooper Paintballing says:

Can you guys do a measurement video where you measure the physical size like what you did with the First Strike Hero bottles?

Johnny Longchord says:

Just checked mine and it’s a SL2! Mine has a 6/17 born date.

Potato Army says:

second comment xDDD

M F says:

If it’s the old style sl but new style sl2, how can you really tell?
Strange why they wouldn’t label them sl2.
If You have an old but new sl, do they weight the same?

Ashraven PB says:

I just started looking for a new tank. I guess I’ll be getting a 50/4500 grey ghost lightweight

0000000000000000000k000000 says:

lol so glad i watched the entire vid. was getting so bummed cause i literally ordered an SL yesterday. maybe i’ll get lucky 🙂

Leo Zodiac says:

I’m really interested in buying a sl68 with slp reg from u guys but I’m interested how is the 68sl2 is it longer or shorter with a slp reg than a 68sl with a slp reg

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