Ninja 50/4500 Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank

Ninja Paintball 50 ci 4500 psi Carbon Fiber HPA Tank System Review

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Carmelo Varela says:

hey awesome tank. i just purchased one. what marker is that btw?

Витя Старков says:

U can turn it

Krevex says:

The product is correctly described, the valve is non wrist digging, unless you go through the redicilious way of finding some backwards way of holding that gun. Looked like you were trying to wrap it around your arm and rest the bottle on your forearm.

the new generation98 says:

I’m left handed so I don’t have that problem:), great video btw definitely going to get one thanks for the info!

12345themas says:

U can adjust it

AKF .gaming says:

FYI you are meant to hold the gun with a non curved wrist but good video.

mjm55 says:

I don’t know where you got that description, but Valken does not market it as a “non wrist digging” design. 

Christopher says:

Why do you keep saying non wrist digging. Looks like its not ninja’s fault looks like amazon or eBay’s fault who ever posted it on there. I can sell you one made of gold just to sell it and find out its not you wouldn’t blame that on ninja it would be on me. Sorry I am a ninja fan and seem like this is a neg review about them and should be about CCpaintball

Stuff With Steve says:

the fill nipple on mine sticks straight up in line with my grip. (would have prefered it 180° from that seeing as that puts the gauge on the bottom…)but I don’t know how the site you ordered it on figured they could say “non-wrist digging” because every markers asa is threaded different. That’s why the pro valve has the silver ring for indexing the bottle properly.

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