Ninja Paintball 3000psi Output Mobile Fill Station (PCP Tank, Regulator, and Fill Station)

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A first for the paintball market! Now you can fill your 13 cu or 22 cu (or really, any smaller tank) from a larger tank that you carry additionally. The special 3000psi output regulator is for Filling ONLY, and not to be put on any paintball gun.

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foughtwolf says:

3K? Pft, a ‘Mag would be in heaven. 

Im kidding, seriously, dont do this.


Question can i get a Ninja 48CI 3000 PSI and has a silver regulator

Paintball Noob says:

You should test this tank on a DP…

Vincent Esteves says:

The perfect tank for a Tippmann


Christopher Mosley says:

Not sure if anyone has asked this question there’s so many to keep reading. If my 13ci ran out of air on the field and I had a standard HPA tank as back up would I be able to use a regular remote line on the 13ci fill nipple to keep playing similar to remote stock or would I still need the fill station thanks again

Mag Fed Ops says:

I have a remote line with an ordinary coiled hose you’d use on the field. Printed on the hose, it says *Recommended Working pressure 3000 psi*
Am I right to be afraid to use it to fill a tank to 3000 psi with it? I don’t want it to blow up in my face on the field…

Jj Ash says:

So could we assume that you could get five or six top ups from 1200 psi?

DANIEL S. says:

Great thanks for the help. I’ve been wondering about that for a while.

Xdrone128 says:

Looks like i will buy this tank for my axe!

kaji Suu says:

I need this…how to order?…

econ5catcat says:

why didnt ninja make the threads on the regulator different? it would only ever need to screw into the fill station so why didnt they make the fill station and the regulator have their own specific threads so that way doofuses didnt screw it into their guns. im not trying to be a smart ass ninja im just saying it would reduce the amount of paperwork you would have to do and also the amount of phone calls youd have to deal with. like this post if you think its a good idea. also like this if hustle paintball is bae and also life 

Mechanical Ninjineer says:

oh coo! I want to get one for my paintball gun!!! haha!

Chris McMillen says:

why u call it a marker…its a gun. you sound like you didnt even go over the bottle in the beginning to learn about it and you said things more then once…just saying. 

minter66 says:

So question:

If I were to fill this up at my local field and take it home, how long would it hold pressure? None of my tanks hold pressure more than a week. I like to test stuff out in my back yard, but never have any compressed air after a week or so.

Sin Harvest says:

Ok so will that tank be able to fill 3 of the 48ci 3000psi tanks or is it just gonna fill 3 of those 13ci 3000psi tanks? I’m wanting to switch from Co2 to compressed air and wanna be able to fill my own tanks on the field. So any help on what to purchase would be appreciated.

Hustle Paintball says:

Yep! That’s essentially what we did in this video 🙂


ramases1 says:

I bet you have tried putting 3k psi through the guns!

kaji Suu says:

I Need this regulator..How much?… one ..

Ed Torres says:

I got a message from Erick Cromer at Husttle paintball ” That is the way it is supposed to be. The reason the pin is missing is because it is a 3000psi output regulator. They don’t want peoples crewing it into their markers and putting 3Kpsi into their marker. So they changed the pin to only work with the remote fill station”. What I mean is: if there is a specific type of remote fill station for this type of tank? please advice.

Nathan Yu says:

So I’m deciding to either get the ((Empire M18 XDC)) with this 3000psi tank, the Milsig CATS with CAR Stock – Gen.2, 10 Milsig 18rd Square-Head First Strike Magazine or the ((Empire Dfender)). What would you recommend and why?

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

he filled it too fast. 100 psi per minute is the recommended rate. it’s not going to be 3k psi after it cools.

H7 says:

I hear that tanks can explode when you fill a hpa (3000psi) with too much pressure, when filling with this tank, can it cause the other to explode or will it stop filling when full automatically?

Chris Garcia says:

Why do have a nose piercing?

Christopher Coscarella says:

“Never going to test it” and all i’m hearing is excuses.
If something can be tested, it must be done, out of principle.

SWJar says:

Can I attached the ninja bottle to air cylinder in PCP airgun and shoot straight from the bottle?

Justin Her says:

Can that be use for air rifle bottles?

Shant Kassab says:

Hi i am planning to open my own paintball business any idea how can i refil my tanks all day ?

Miguel Ayala says:

What’s the biggest tank out there cause I want to know if I could fill a 68

GojiraHunter Dalby says:

FUUUUUUU! My dad just got me a 3000 psi ninja for my paintball gun and YOU give me this bullshit!

UltraViolet says:

i drop kicked somebody in the face because they screwed one of those in there marker
long story short i got arrested for 5 months

X PH says:

what is the difference between the 3000psi and 4500psi? is there any advantages on using the 4500psi vs the 3000psi vis a vis?

Ed Torres says:

Is the tank to tank fill station made custom for the tank since the tank doesn’t have the pin valve?

DANIEL S. says:

Can I have a tank with this reg on my back, connected to a remote line which I can connect to the fill nipple of another tank, that is connected to my gun, so I can have “emergency” air to use on the field if/when I use all my air?

Skillshot Airsoft says:

hello:) lets say, im filling a ninja 48/3000 hpa tank, does the scuba tank need to be 3000 psi to? also when i look on the tank gauge it says 1,2,3,4,5,6. when im filling it with a fill station from a scuba tank, i should stop when it reaches 3 on the tank gauge correct? or does it stop automatically? sorry im new to this and im confused, noob questions 😀 but id rather ask then blow up :D:D:D

Dunkmaster Darius says:

or wat tank would u recommend for it

obando guerrero says:

can i use the compressed air on a project salvo

Chris Cox says:

Could i use this to refill my 3,000psi benjamin marauder pcp airgun as an on the go tank for hiking?

NeRooster says:

im new to paintball so once the compressed air runs out of the tank do you have to buy another tank?

NoFatGamer says:

6 people already killed there gun, or got drop kicked in the face!

Dabraapman says:

So If i used this on a 4500 would it work and just only fill to 3000?

Fiero says:

This would be useful if classic paintball where i play allowed them.

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