Ninja Paintball 90/4500 Tank

overview of Ninja Paintball’s 90/4500 tank and what it comes with


Blake Goldschmidt says:

my local pb feild has a 110 ci tank for sale

Juan Parrilla says:

How meny shots do u get from it

PoonigePanda says:

does anyone know what type of molle pouch the ninja carbonfiber 90/4500 tank could fit into?

structurebe1 says:

How many shots are you getting with the g3? I have one and am looking to get this tank because i play on my buddy’s land far away from any fill station.

brentd86 says:

Yes I keep my dust cap on at all times unless filling the tank, it just keeps dirt and crap from caking on it so I don’t have to worry about cleaning it before a fill.

brentd86 says:

I’m not sure what you mean by belt, if you mean the spot on harnesses and vests made to hold tanks of those using remote lines then ya it should fit as woodsballers using that kind of gear are those who generally need the bigger tanks.

BarelyBen says:

Guerrilla Air Tanks are much smaller and very efficient and there customer service is the best, I seen them fixing NINJA tanks at PSP MAO for Free as a Courtesy to the players because NINJA was not there

brentd86 says:

im not understanding your question

brentd86 says:

out of the box it is set as a high pressure tank, the steps of making it low pressure is verey simple though

warman0712 says:

Pretty big size difference. Whats the weight difference? And what tank would you say is better?

structurebe1 says:

I guess I am in the same situation. Going to college and trying to find time and money to play. I get to try out my g3 this weekend! but i will have to borrow a tank for now.

Logan Schmitt says:

what was the stock psi on the tank when you got it .

bosshog871 says:

90 psh u should have been playing when we had the 114ci tanks

emilio garcia says:

I have a x7 what is a good tank to get with it… And what size ??

brentd86 says:

@emiliosatexas any reputable brand is a good tank, I like ninja because they aren’t outrageously expensive and they are well made, as for size you should get a 4500 as it works with both 3000 and 4500 fills and a 68 is pretty much standard size some front players use smaller for the less weight but i like 68, something like an 88 or 90 is really only for those who play on fields without air and need to get the most shots they can without a refill.

BarelyBen says:

We had no problem winning D3 X-Ball at MAO With them 🙂

brentd86 says:

It doesn’t really matter I run on high pressure, the only markers I think it really makes a difference on are Angels. With the G3 I don’t think you will see a difference.

Josiah Santiago says:

GOOD VID!! Thanks man!

brentd86 says:

some problems with guerrilla air tanks have been coming to the surface such as they have a relatively slow recharge rate for high rates of fire and have trouble sustaining them

brentd86 says:

lol considering its only like 6 months old and I payed like 160 for it no thanks

brentd86 says:

straight from their website

Aaron Thompson says:

for some reason the cp colors never look the same in person

avoidthegreat says:

shit get a myth reg if u have g3. i just adjusted my asa like five mins ago and its easy as shit.

brentd86 says:

it feels easily bearable to me as long as i start play with it like its heavy but not terribly so to where your arms are really gonna get tired, I will say that if you switch half way through the day from this to a 68 ci that you feel like your playing without a tank at all with the 68 lol

brentd86 says:

the people at the scuba shop flash filled it which pissed me off so it was only sitting on around 4k psi, I ran it down to about 500 psi before swapping it out the first time using the marker and I believe I got somewhere around 1200-1300 shots so with a full fill and a broken in g3 I bet you can see a case out of it.

brentd86 says:

i havn’t weighed them but the 90 is noticably heavier, lol after I empty it and put my 68 on it feels rediculously light and tight to my shoulder. All ninja paintball tanks will perform on the same level I have a 90 because I play a lot at a private field with no air fills and I need the extra shots, if you are playing someplace with fills the 68 is pretty much standard size.


ahahah yeah.

brentd86 says:

it may be a little larger in diameter but not by much you can see in the video when I turn them comparing their sizes to each other.

brentd86 says:


Aaron Thompson says:

are you selling the 68/45?

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