Ninja Pro Series Paintball Tank Regulator Review

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In this episode Justin reviews the Ninja Pro regulator that gives you a full 360 degrees of rotation which allows you to relocate your pressure gauge and fill valve to point in any direction. The new bonnet has three set screws, and the output pressure is adjustable to 450, 550, 700, and 800 psi.

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Justin Hafford says:

whichever is cheaper, a bottle is a bottle.

James Moeller says:

this reg is cool

Vietnam PCP says:

I want setup and change Ninja pro regulator output to 1600 psi, pls help me

Thank all

ivan_4826 says:

i have a dm12. how many shims should i use to get the lowest output pressure but still work with the gun and to have the best shot count? plz answer

holmyjj42 says:

ninja. cant go wrong!

James V says:

I need help so I’m geting a gun with hpa tank so will I need to buy a regulator or could I just screw in my tank to the gun ??

Longlive ballas says:

How many shims for my axe

soccerguy2433 says:

bottles are pretty much the same. Most are manufactured by Carlston (sp?) or Luxfer (sp?). The regulator and how they fit you and your marker are what matter most.

gordontarpley says:

There was a TWENTY FIVE minute advertisement at the beginning of this vid…

SpaceSoda Productions says:

If you dont want dirt in your grub screws maybe you can rap some electrical tape on them.

twopilz says:

@rynopaintball lollll u want sum humor or something like that go watch sticktodrums hes gay enough 4 u lollllll

Kyle Simmons says:

You aren’t watching this review for a show.. you’re looking for information on a product you might be trying to purchase.. if you want a fucking comedy go watch tv.. Helpful video, thanks social.

bmxer1997isaac says:

is this the same for all ninja regs?

Joe Guerra says:

how many shims would you use in an etek 4?

ivan yau says:

how to remove the micro gauge

SawcyPanda says:

If you don’t like dirt in your screws put a small fat rubber band around them after getting it where you want

Social Paintball says:

We can’t all be Macaul from Newb School.;)

Jason Teo says:

Anyone know the song at the end?

pbblitz says:

Interesting. I’ve been wondering if there was something on the market like this.

Pepeboy says:

Go for a ninja

soccerguy2433 says:

its a review… get over it.


Can u use these for empire tanks?

408primo1 says:


Justin Hafford says:

Call Ninja Paintball and they will walk you through it:
1-877-NINJAUSA (1-877-646-5287)

viciousme90 says:

Where can I get lube for regs? Non petroleum ones

Nate Hadley says:

when you are puting your reg back in the tank do you just screw it back in or do you have to put lock tight or something and when you originally take it off the tank what should i do first besides making sure there is no pressure left in the tank

Mr. Burger says:

This comes in QUITE HANDY because I currently look for a regulator and a bottle.
Any1 any thoughts on the 68/4500 Ninja or the Sly Bottle?

RP says:

Can it be rotate in different position while be on a tank and with air inside?

askloglog says:

great vid… just got a ninja dura tank with pro reg

trevorswann56 says:

The 70/4500 G2 is still longer than the Ninja 68/4500 (while maintaining a relatively close volume). Therefore preference should be dictated on the shape and size of the tank overall, not just the size of the reg.


Is there any way to adjust the nipple and gauge placement on the ninja ultralite regulator so the nipple is pointed down and gauge pointed up? Is the nipple longer on UL than prov2 any help is great appreciate. Thx

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