Omega 75cf 4500psi Carbon Fiber Tank Review

Omega 75cf (cubic feet) 4500psi carbon fiber tank is a great tool to have for all serious gunners. No matter PCP or paintball, you will have a lot of air to use in a small package. It’s not as big as a scuba tank but stores much more air for you to use!


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dobitel9 says:

Nice to have a tank like that and a compressor to fill it with. You got it made! No trips to the scuba shop for refills. But it still needs hydro testing every 5 years until it expires in 15 years. I am still using a 80c steel scuba tank at 3500psi refills.  

Marco Marcella says:

Chiinnature, do I need a special DIN fitting to connect the Omega 75 cu-ft 4,500 psi tank to my Omega Air Charger, or can I just use the hose that came with the tank?

Mark Jones says:

Having the compressor must be great. I might get one in a few years. How is your tsnk holding up?

Spencer Han says:

Weird tank but cool,I love all of your videos.

Juan Salazar says:

Hi, great video. I need to replace the gauge on my Omega tank. what size of fitting the gauge should be ?? thanks

mrobertson188 says:

I know it’s safe and all, but I wouldn’t open the valve to test the pressure with it inches from my face.

Makaimura says:

Great vid brother! What compressor do you use and where did you buy it and the omega tank from? Thanks, cheers.

Spencer Han says:

No gage. ?……..?.. my 88cf air venturi does.

neshra54 says:

Great video ! Where did you buy that end cap ? and what size is it ! Is it 1/8 BSP ? Thanks.

ravenclanx says:

I wonder how many 870 shells you could fill with a tank like that lol.

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