Onboard CO2 System Review & Test – Power Tank

Is onboard CO2 the right solution for your off-road vehicle? In this video I give you a detailed, close up look of the Power Tank 10 lb Jeep Wrangler JK Package, discuss some of the pros and cons of CO2 and then I hit the trail for a little testing… how fast can you inflate a 37″ tire?

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CO2 Tank 10 LB Wrangler JK Package from Power Tank. This system was designed just for the Jeep Wrangler. It starts with the most common Power Tank, the PT10, and adds the powder coated black Super Bracket to hold the tank securely inside your JK and a pair of clamps to secure the Super Bracket to your JK roll bar.
The clamps are made to fit over the padding or without it. The hose is a 30′ braided co-extrusion rated for -40 degrees F and 1200 PSI burst. The couplers on the regulator and the hose have been upgraded to the PowerFlow II couplers ($30 value).
Available Colors: Team Yellow, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Candy Blue, Candy Red

PT10 Aluminum Tank
Nickel Plated Valve
SuperFlow HP250i Regulator with PowerFlow II Coupler
30 Foot HP 1200 Braided Hose
Power Grip Guard
Super Bracket in Black
Tank Boot
Regulator Cover
Ball Air Chuck

Video Transcripts:

10 gal Tank
Discuss other bottle sizes and why I went with 10 vs 15, show spare tank
Talk color (Candy Red)
DOT approved (what makes it DOT approved)
Discuss the stamping
Hydro tank every 5 years
Size, measure height/diameter
Optional color matched billet aluminum tank knobs
Tank Boot
Protects the bottom of thank and keeps it steady when laying on the side
They’ve included a decal down here to document the empty weight, because with CO2 the only way to know how much CO2 left in the tank, is by weight.
Limited life time warranty
Pro Series 400 psi superflow regulators
Limited life time warranty
Power Grip
T6 aluminum machined right here in the US
Hose holders
Designed to protect the regulator
Middle hole will hold a tool with 1/4” plug
Mounting bracket and roll bar clamps
30ft coil vs. 30ft straight
High pressure
Swivel at both ends
2 year warranty
Female super couplers
Very high end!
Black sleeve acts as and on/off valve shutting off pressure while connecting/disconnecting
Accepts 5 plug types
Hand made
High tolerance inflator with a tough O-ring to handle the pressures
Quality 2.5” silicone liquid filled gauge
Some gauges use glycerin, but when it get cold it thickens and slows down your reading
Pressure relieve button
24” braided hose
Clip on chuck with 90 degree elbow
Limited lifetime warranty
Now lets go over the pros and cons of CO2 for a minute and then we’ll go put this tank to work
Ok, I know there are a lot of opinions out there on both sides of the fence regarding CO2. So let’s talk about a few
Empty tank anxiety
For me this is probably the biggest concern for me, but after knowing how many times I can inflate my tires and keeping an eye on the bottle weight should be fine
Having to refill the bottle
There are only a few places you can go to get your tank filled, air gas shops, welding shops, beverage stores and fire extinguisher service shops
So there is a little inconvenience of having to head out from time to time to fill up a bottle, but that’s I have 2 bottles
So I’ve called around and I got quoted anywhere from 20-30 to fill up a tank. So if you have to refilling a tank every 5 trips, and let’s say you go out off-roading twice a month, you’re looking at filling up the bottle 5 x a year and at the cheapest price that’s about $100. So one factor to keep in mind.

Super fast tire inflation and I’ll show you just how fast here in a minute
You can reset the bead of a tire with CO2
And I had a friend just a couple months ago that had to change his tire because he popped a bead… if he would have had CO2, it would have been like a 1 minute fix.
You can run power tools with CO2
Just drop the pressure and you’re good to go
If you need to air up someone else’s tire you can just grab this and go, no need to drive your vehicle right up to them.
You don’t need to start your vehicle and turn on a noisy compressor. If you are leaving early in the morning from a campsite your neighbors might thank you for it.
This isn’t just for off roaders
Construction working are using Powertanks on site builds
RV’s are using it because they can easily reach the high tire pressures that some compressors cant do
Guys are caring these in tow truck and road side emergencies
And race tracks are using CO2 as well.


Jaucelyn Nylund says:

Awesomeness ❣️

STuTe51 says:

Can you not hang those tanks upside down in the rear of your Jeep?

Jay Trock says:

Been running a Powertank 15 Since 2003. No regrets. I do have an ARB compressor under the hood for lockers and back up. Only had to use it once to fill up tires and that was because I was running tools to fix some break downs with the group.

Wayne Cummings says:

And, no moving parts and no plumbing. KOOL!

John Gray says:

Sold me on it!

matolum3 m3nifi says:

That looks pretty awesome I’m from Australia can I order the same project can you please gevi me the details thanks.

SniperTeamTango says:

Okay question, why not just use high pressure air? What advantages come from CO2, not just the pressure?

Brig says:

I just purchased a tank. Question. I see you have an air wrench for maybe taking off a tire if you needed. It’s small and compact. Any recommendations on a good one? I need one. Sure beats the breaker bar.

A J Ale McFury says:

What beverage shop do you get yours filled up? I’m in the Escondido area.

Sam Karr says:

Was about to buy another arb compressor for my new and secondary rig. Not anymore. Getting a power tank.

CaptainBeard714 says:

Love the videos man. I have a chevy prerunner I use in the Southern California deserts with 37s on it. I typically don’t air down that much due to the speeds. Maybe 20 at the least unless I’m in sand. Generally run about 32 for street. Considering mounting a power tank in my bed cage. Few questions. How much does the 10lb weigh full roughly? How much does it generally cost to fill up? Think a 15lb would be worth it? The 10lb already seems rather large. Sorry if I missed any of this info in the comments?

irishdefense77 says:

I love my Powertank.I also have onboard air in the form of a VIAIR compressor,but it’s failed twice and is not reliable-and it’s really loud-not at all what I’m going for when I look for solitude in the field.Powertank is fast as hell and always works except when it’s really cold.The hose has frozen on me in Maine in the winter when it was -5,due to the CO2 being so cold when it’s working.

Ted Wiborn says:

I think you have sold me on this with the fact that I can add air to the motorhome tires. I usually run about 100 to 105 psi and it take for EVER to air these six motorhome tires up when adding air. Once again great video that was informational. You are one of my favorite Youtubbers.

JEEPinNUTS says:

Hey Brad,
So how many fills have you gotten with the 37s? Been using the Twin ARB Compressor but want more speed airing up. I’m running 40s on a JKU. I’m also thinking of going to 10lbs for room factor in back, and running a custom interior cargo rack which I can customize to fit two 10lb tanks. Just wanna know how it’s working out for you? I’m on the trails a lot too.

Martin Klaus says:

Do the bottles have to be filled with C02, or can they be filled with just compressed air, or even Nitrogen? Is there any danger on filling with Nitrogen, such as transport in the vehicle?

Rick Canchola says:

I use a 20lb co2 tank. I can run my impact gun and take off lug nuts.

Pete's Jeep says:

Obvious question from me and others that don’t know anything about compressed gases. Why not compress air instead of CO2 ? I am sure someone can explian to me the reason. Filling with just air could be cheaper. What are the advantages of CO2 ? Thanks for endulging me. 🙂

Black Lavender says:

For the people wondering if you’ll get a slower air up as the tank goes empty the answer is no wether the bottle is full or almost empty it’ll hold 800psi.

G 55 says:

Co2 systems are very cool for short trips like over a long weekend etc but once they run out you are going to need a compressor, People need to remember that Co2 systems are a great system that need to work in conjunction with a compressor and not as a stand alone unit because once they run out that’s it you got no Air, So you will still need a Compressor as Back Up.

Elijah Gutierrez says:

Thank you for all the content you provide. New JK owner here and loving the culture and off-road community. Keep up the good work, you got my sub.

Freedom Off-Road says:

Yeah that is definitely a tool I will be putting on my upgrade list.

Red Rock Crawlers says:

Great video Brad. How often do people generally have to refill their tanks?

phxamigo says:

Are you running internal beadlocks? and if so what brand?


19DESERTFOX91 says:

Whats the safe tempeture range on the tanks? Im assuming if its DOT approved for vehicle storage it can handle negative temps and in the hundred plus as well?

Midnightsun says:

Great vid. You made my mind up. I just ordered one. Blue of course

Gary Roberson says:

Thanks for the review Brad. I’ve got 35’s on my JKU and have been looking into a CO2 setup by Smittybilt. Theirs is almost half the price, but after watching your review, I’m wondering if it’s half the quality!?
Maybe do a shootout sometime between the two?

Geoff Pentz says:

and you can put out fires…!

Wayne O says:

Great video! Thank you

bruce wootten says:

You changed my mind. I was going to go with a compressor but now I’m going with the tanks. Thanks man good video.

Javier Angel says:

Loves this video

Serge Letunovskiy says:

Great vid, thanks a bunch!

Matthew Leming says:

Hey Brad where do you fill your tank up? I used Westair before but recently moved and don’t feel like driving to National City.

Connie Waite says:

Where can I buy this? With the added goodies

Andrew says:

I got rid of stuff in the back of my rig so I could put drawers in along with a fridge. My view it is a backward step to put cylinders into that precious storage space. I will stick with my simple pump.

Rick Takahashi says:

does that mean your selling your ARB?

unluckicharmz says:

Is the mount lockable so someone couldn’t just lift your take with the top off?

MrAcuta73 says:

For tube mounting accessories…buy a bicycle innertube, cut a piece to wrap around the tube, then mount clamp. Protects the metal from vibration damage and keeps it in place beautifully.

Hostage says:

Dont forget TW (tare weight) not all CO2 fillers will fill a tank if they do not have a TW because they do not know the exact wight of the bottle be for filling from a machine.

Nick Sebring says:

Is that a Master Chief emblem in the background?

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